The Best Raw Dog Food

There are as many ways to feed raw as there are fish in the ocean. Okay there's not that many but I was inspired by the little sardine in the photo and I had to start this description somewhere.

The truth is feeding your dog raw can be as simple or complex as you choose but one thing I've learned after many years - it's fun! Seriously. In the beginning I had doubts and fears. I read several books, none of which were exactly the same and something inside of me - probably because of my vet, made me think I had to have a science degree to figure it out.


Instead I found information from someone with a science background. That saved me years. Then I listened to canine nutritionists, talked to others feeding raw and let it all work itself out in my head.

And I got it. An understanding at a whole new level! I'm confident and i want to share what I know with you. And since our dog's bodies are composed of what they eat, this is an incredibly important topic I take seriously.

To borrow an analogy from a page explaining nutrition on my website, "Would you rather have your cells built from a candy bar or an organic salad", when it comes to your dog's raw food, I would have to say, "Would you rather serve a few key nutrients or dozens of them?"

So come on in. Give it a whirl. You'll be glad you did.

* * *

Do you see that photo for the course? That's just one of my throw it together dinners for Lulu with stuff I had on hand. Not only was it fun to put together but it's Super Healthy and you'll learn why inside

* * *

Below are the lessons with their descriptions:


Not only is this the introduction but the entire class on AUDIO so you can download and listen whenever, wherever you want!

Where I Began the Raw Journey

I read till my eyes hurt and then crossed my fingers and jumped in. Like learning to tie my shoes, I got better and better.

The Whole Prey Model

Understanding the real secrets behind this method puts raw feeding into a whole new light

Vegetables, Fruits and Grains 

Not part of the whole prey model, where do they fit in - or do they?

Bless the Fat!

I'm serious because we really messed this one up and I'm going to fix it for you right now

Andrea's Best - The New Raw

Understanding the best of the best will improve health and likely save money at the same time. Who woulda thought?

Some Down and Dirty Recipe Basics

Not really dirty, but it might feel like that on days you mix the base. How to's, pictures and feeding without a base as well.

Important Note: This Course is to teach you how to put together nutritionally balanced meals yourself because availability of components is as diverse as ingredients. It is NOT a list of recipes.

How to Transition and What to Expect

Options, the value of poop patrol and what may be going right when it doesn't look that way

Tips and Tricks

A few excellent tips & something that may be more important than raw. Yup I said it. There's one more thing

Do Dogs Need Supplements?

Sharing what I use and why

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