Color Inspiration: Spray Ink/Misting Sprays

From the moment they hit the market spray inks (also know as misting sprays) have been hugely popular.....and kinda frustrating. It is easy to see why they are so popular.  Spray inks come in an array of colors and styles.  They lend themselves to so many fun techniques and help expand our use of stencils, stamps and more.

But they can also lead to frustration.  There are so many different brands to choose from and each has its own characteristics.  And don't even get me started on the mess and clogged bottles.  But we will not let that deter us.  I know we can tame this unruly medium and make it a staple of our crafting supplies. 

By the end of the class, students will:

  • Review seven different brands and learn which spray ink is best for your project.
  • Learn the basics of using spray ink and how it reacts to different types of paper.
  • Discover techniques for using spray inks with stencils, stamps and more.
  • Create six completed projects.
  • Learn how to create DIY spray ink.


  • Lesson One-The Basics:  In Lesson One we will review seven different brands of spray ink. We will test our sprays on various types of paper and begin with simple backgrounds.
  • Lesson Two-DIY Spray Ink: We will finish week one by learning how to mix our own spray inks.
  • Lesson Three-Stencils and Ghosting:  Spray ink and stencils are a natural combinations.  We will explore several options for using spray ink with stencils. 
  • Lesson Four-Stamping and Painting: Think spray inks are just for spraying?  Think again!  We will look at ways to use them without the pump.
  • Lesson Five-Mixing:  Spray inks are wonderful on their own, but let's not limit them.  They can also be mixed with a number of other mediums for even more versatility

During the workshop we will be completing six, tag art projects.  Each technique learned can be used on other projects, including: cards, ATCs, mixed media, art journaling and more.

Course Length: 5 Lessons

This is a self-paced workshop. All lessons are available upon enrollment. Classroom contains over 140 minutes of video instruction, printable PDF files, forum and gallery.

Spray Ink Supply List

Click link below to download supply list.

Can this class be completed using re-inkers?

Yes, in Lesson Two I will show you how to make your own misting sprays using re-inkers.