Finding a New Job in a New City

The time has come in your life to make a major change. You are thinking about not just finding a new job, but a new job in a new city! The dream and idea of leaving where you are to start fresh is exciting and exhilarating... but it can also be intimidating and overwhelming. It doesn't have to be!

No matter if you graduated college two weeks ago or 5 years ago, this course will help you understand how to make your relocation dreams a reality. 

This class will cover:

  • Writing a resume that opens doors for you
  • Understanding your why now and where to
  • Leveraging the power of your network to find a job
  • Handling out-of-state interviews
  • Creating a moving plan
  • How to find a place to stay

You've been standing still long enough, it's time to make the move!