Building Your Online Community

Solopreneurship doesn’t happen in a silo. Building an online community is the secret to every solopreneur’s success.

The Building Your Online Community e-course is the 14-week, step-by-step, action-packed guide you need to kick off and strengthen your online community as a solopreneur.

Here’s the thing: building your online community — the clients on your roster, the fellow solopreneurs you partner with, the readers of your blog, the customers buying your products, the business coaches mentoring you along the way — is an ongoing process, and one that’s never too early or late to start.

We’re Sara and Cristina, the two-person team behind One Woman Shop and the Building Your Online Community e-course. Together, we’ve grown One Woman Shop from a free resource hub to an engaged, active membership community using the techniques outlined in this e-course. We’ve been where you are and know how to get you to the next level — a thriving solo business owner with a strong community surrounding you.

What you’ll get + what you’ll walk away with

Each week, you’ll be presented with a concept, along with relevant case studies, scripts, and necessary resources. Each week’s content will wrap up with a very specific action step, as well as a reminder to revisit the previous week’s action steps.

Building Your Online Community isn’t just about learning what to do — it’s about actually doing it. By taking in the course material and implementing the action steps, you’ll come away with:

  • Greater confidence in your ability to create a business community
  • Tried-and-true strategies for cultivating strong online business relationships
  • A proactive approach to growing your community — and a strong start to making it happen
  • An increased awareness of the partnership and collaborative opportunities surrounding you

With #BYOCommunity, you get the action steps to take today, tomorrow, and in the weeks and months following to continue building a rewarding, supportive, and inspiring online community around your solopreneur biz.

Interested in taking your community building to an even higher level? 

Check out our packaged options that include both the e-course as well as either group or individual coaching for added accountability, inspiration, and help as you go through the e-course.