Drafting a Child Bodice and Sleeve

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After this course, you'll be able to:

  • Draft a bodice block and sleeve block for any size 18m -14years from either standard measurements or your child's measurements
  • Add seam allowances to that block
  • Start the process of adapting your blocks to design shirts, dresses and tops.

This course comes with:

  • 4 Lessons, each with video, that walk you step-by-step through the process of drafting a bodice and sleeve
  • Downloadable and printable measurement charts in standard and metric measurements
  • Downloadable and printable drafting guides
  • Recommended resources for further study

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What is a bodice block?

Great question! A pattern block (sometimes also called a sloper) is the starting point for any pattern. It is the shape of the basic piece of fabric you'd need to cut to cover a portion of the body. There are no design elements, seam allowances or anything else added to a block. It's like a two dimensional body you can use as a basis for any design you want to create.

Do I need any special software for this course?

Nope. While I do cover how to draft in Adobe Illustrator in the course, you can absolutely use paper and a ruler to do the same thing.

Will I be able to launch my own pattern business after this course?

Probably not. The course doesn't cover how to scan paper patterns to digitize, how to format your patterns to print for PDF patterns, or how to take the one size you draft and grade that to multiple other sizes - basically all the things covered in my other courses, and all things you'd need to know to offer high quality professional PDF patterns.

I want to draft (pants, skirts, jackets, for women, etc) not a kids bodice. Are there more courses available?

Currently the answer is no. Though I do have plans for future courses in these areas, I will also be waiting to see how this one does before I commit more time to developing them.