YOGA ART: Mala Creation eCourse


eCourse Description

Create beautiful, hand-knotted malas in the comfort of your own home. This beginner-friendly eCourse features detailed video instruction in the art of mala making.

This is an eCourse, meaning all of the learning happens online, right here on the CourseCraft website. 

You can start this course at any time, and will have access to it indefinately.

About the Instructor

Marty Tribble is a certified Life Coach and Yoga Teacher with a passion for delicious vegan food, art and music. She has been a leader in the field holistic education for over 12 years, leading thousands of classes and facilitating workshops and international retreats. Marty's first ventured into the online classroom began in 2010 with her MartyTribble Yoga iTunes podcast, a source for free audio downloads of ocwe 100 of her live yoga classes.

System Requirements

Please view the eCourse sample video at the top of this page to ensure you have the proper browser and internet connection to properly participate in this eCourse. 

If this video does not play for you, please read the information below BEFORE purchasing this eCourse.

The videos in this eCourse have been tested in multiple browsers and computer systems including handheld devices. Due to the vast technology market, there are many factors that come into play with digital information sharing. Not all computers, internet connections, and video players are created equal, and occasionally compatibility issues do arise. Due to the nature of digital information distribution, I cannot refund tuition fees for this or any other eCourse. If you have already thoroughly investigating your computer, it's OS, your browser and it's video player and are still having issues with video playback, please contact Marty for an alternative way to access the videos in this eCourse.

Project Supplies Sold Separately

PLEASE NOTE that this eCourse is instructional only, mala making supplies are not included. You can source beading materials and other supplies at your local bead shop, or purchase one of Marty's signature mala creation bead kits.

Listed below are the supplies you will need to create your mala. Refer to Video 1 for a visual example of these materials.

Materials Needed:    

  • 108 (8mm) Gemstone Beads
  • 1 Guru Bead (a bead 10mm or larger that will serve as the focal point of your mala)
  • 1 skien of Embroidery Thread 

Tools Needed:

  • Round Nosed Jewelry Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Beading Needle
  • Fine-toothed Comb

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of online learning, refunds are not available for this or any other Marty Tribble eCourse for any reason.