Corporate Event Budget Template

How can you ensure you have a realistic budget for your corporate event?

It's all about knowing how to keep track of your numbers. The Corporate Event Budgeting Template offers a working event as an example and a template for you to work on your upcoming event. 

The Corporate Event Budgeting Template is all about the numbers. You can use it for any conference, no matter the size and style. It also comes with budgetary analysis to help you assess and control costs for future trade shows and events.

What's included:

  • Working Budget (Excel)
  • Budget Breakdown w/Analysis (Excel)
  • Best Practice Tip Sheet (Word)
  • Hotel Negotiation Tip Sheet (Word)
  • Five (5) Lessons: Planning, Budgeting, Contingency and Networking


BUDGET TEMPLATE READY FOR DOWNLOAD: You receive immediate access to the excel document for you to build your event or trade show and stay on track with your budget.

5-DAY COURSE LESSON: Proven lessons from years of event planning for local and global events, best practices and expanded topics on budgeting.

BONUS DOWLOADS: Plus, you receive Best Practic Tips Sheet and Negotiation Tips for Hotels. Two additional downloads to help you feel more confident in the world of event planning. 


By using the Corporate Event Budget Template you get to:

  • Save time and money because you can start your own budget right now based directly on an industry-standard
  • Immediately see the exact budget breakdown required for your own events
  • Properly present your plan in the exact format clients and senior management will support for approval and win you contracts
  • Start your marketing plan immediately because you can access and download this plan online right now

Event Planning Budget Template