Felt Art on line Tutorial

My Name is Debra Esterhuizen and I am a professional Felt Artist living in the Lake District in the UK.  I am also a teacher/workshop leader and have taught 1000's of people over many years. 

I have exhibited my art works extensively and I have worked alongside many communities producing large public commissions for schools and the private sector.

I create colourful Felt Art pieces using an ancient technique of wet felting with wool and silk fibres. I adore texture and colour and as you will see in my work I love all things beautiful. The natural world is my inspiration and I am lucky to live in the Lake District where the ever changing light dances with my imagination, compelling me to record in my own way what I witness.

I discovered felt making in Nepal. I was immediately hooked by this beautiful, dynamic craft. After years of practice I developed my skills and focussed on felt art. I was previously a Psychologist. From then on I was constantly  painting with fibre as I call it. Eventually I was able to turn full time to Felt Art.

This is Ullswater Lake in the North of England made with Merino wool,silk and free embroidery. Nuno felting techniques were also used and I will explain in detail how to do this in Lesson 3.

The picture above is a felt piece of art before I add water and soap. It was inspired by my trip to the Hebrides and the Isle of Rum. I love to photograph my work at this stage as I love the different textures and dynamic feel to the fibres. Then I am able to convert the photograph to giclee prints to sell so I effectively end up with more than one way of selling the art works. In my course you too can see how to do this.

Below is one of my favourite images HARE I AM , again a photograph which I sell as prints and taken before I added soap and water. I hope I am inspiring you to have a go!

The course   is now open to buy for a limited time.  It consists of 5 lessons with detailed videos available immediately after enrolment, all of which  you will be able to access  at your leisure and are yours to keep indefinitely.

The lessons will teach you all the basics of Felt Art - both wet felting and dry felting with more specific details on how to create a masterpeice. Each lesson will have at least one  demo video and written instructions. Each lesson will need no more than two hours of your time to watch and practice alongside me. You will experiment with different fibres, silks, wools, nylons etc. I will also explain some basic art instruction about colour and composition. 


In Lesson 1 I will give you a list of materials and simple equipment that you will need to get started.

You will need basic feltmaking materials which are all easily obtainable, and some fibres. Many items are found around your home or are easily purchased from myself or online.

This course is for both beginners and experienced feltmakers. Anyone can do felt art and you do not need any prior experience. Where there is a will,there is a way! 

For more examples of my work please visit my website

HAPPY FELTING...........