Music Production with Kyrstyn Pixton


My name is Jonathan Haber.  I am feeling awashed with excitement and nervousness in this opportunity to share with you an opportunity to learn how to produce music with one of the most inspiring artists I have come into contact with: Krystyn Pixton.

Chances are,  if your here, you know her music.  If you dont, please check it out while you read on...  

I was literally blown away last night reading about her music... especially in that she recorded 10 of the 12 tracks on her debut album with just a mic, a laptop, and a copy of Ableton Live, by herself!

Reading this I had a flashback to listening to her car while I was tromping around in my red Firebird last year, how it was the only CD I had in that car for months, and how I stayed so inspired listening to it again and again... 

Flash forward to this moment:  I have discovered a deep passion for developing and syndicating digital eductation tools in service of humanity.  I sense there are many people like me, who have had a vision once upon a time, of changing the world through music... and in that I want to invite you to learn with me, from one of the most profoundly inspiring women I know. 

This course will be for 4 weeks to start, and we will likely craft and offer more courses at the culmination of this one. 

You need:

  • A heart willing to open to your creative flow
  • A mac laptop
  • A copy of Ableton Live
  • A midi Controller
  • And a mic (if your wanting to integrate your voice) thats either USB or joined with an interface (such as an m-audio laptop interface)

What you will learn

  • How to bring your inspiration to life through creative expression
  • ]We will have Krystyn create a song from inception on... and we will learn with her along the way... this is an interactive course.. our desires and feedback will be considered and the course content adapted to suit. 



  • Kyrstyn Pixton is a Portland based songwriter and producer - a multi-talented performance artist creating live shows that blend piano, voice, electronica, and impromptu loops from audience participation.

    Her sound blends intricate song-writing with luscious vocal harmonies and vast hard-hitting electro-acoustic soundscapes. Imagine a meld of Imogen Heap, Florence & the Machine, and Joanna Newsom, backed by Air, Plaid, Dead Can Dance, and Apparat. It’s a bit like that. She recently released her first full-length album EMBYRS, and more is on the way.

    She has worked with many artists including Auditory Canvas, Lynx, Rena Jones, Lila Rose, Govinda, Kaminanda, Beats Antique, & Akara. Some of her past performance venues include Glade (UK), Lightning in a Bottle, Cafe Du Nord, Fox Theater (Oakland), & the Crystal Ballroom (Portland).