Career Development Prompts Action Plans

We share weekly prompts for Career Professionals on our blog which can be found at

These prompts cover a wide range of career and workplace activities including goal setting and productivity and time management calls to action. Each prompt will include an ACTION. The reader can then go on their merry way and interpret, action or ignore each prompt as they choose.

For those of you who prefer a little extra guidance, fun printable downloads and checklists our 'Career Development Prompts Action Plan Package' includes our premium content.

At only £30 for a 2014 subscription this is an AMAZING offer as it is less than a £1 a week and each weekly prompt (lesson) includes advice on writing YOUR personalised action plan AND exclusive downloadable content. 

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Career Development Action Plan: Getting Started
Career Dev #1: Creating a Knowledge File
Career Dev #2: Extra Bonus Projects Action Plan
Career Dev #3:Set up a Coffee Date
Career Dev #4: Present a Presentation
Career Dev #5:Sign up with a Recruiter
Career Dev #6: DBS Information (record-keeping)
Career Dev #7: 2014 Leave Record (record-keeping)
Career Dev #8: Have a Conversation
Career Dev #9: Ask for Feedback
Career Dev #10: Think Innovation
Question Bank: SCAMPER method
Career Dev #11: Spring Clean... Your Workplace
Career Dev #12: Spring Clean... Your Goals
Career Dev #13: Spring Clean... your C.V.