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Hi there, thanks so much for signing up for this e-course.As Many of you know I have been trying for about a year now to get this up and running.  I was a bit hesitant as I did not have the best video or tech skills, and I felt that I did not have the amount of time needed to devote myself to such a project.  But since moving and getting settled..I have been able to teach myself most of these skills, while still having time to create art, which is a must..!! I think it will be fun and inspirational, and at the same time provide a creative outlet for all of your color and design needs.

This course is a beginner class that will introduce you to line, shape, pattern and color. You do not need any more than a desire to create to take part in this class, oh and some supplies..! There is no right or wrong way to design your own creations, just a love of color and a need to integrate beauty into your life each day. Just have fun and learn a few techniques..dont worry about being perfect, or having to create a masterpiece.  These are just some skills that I love and incporporate into all of my is practice that will make you feel comfortable over time..dont expect to jump in a feel like you should already know what to do..!

This  basic course  will show you about the joy of making art without the stress of having it be perfect.  Some of the most beautiful art Ive made has been through the so called "mistakes" that happen daily. I will be introducing you many ways to make marks and add color and mix different  pieces together to create beautiful designs that are as individual as you.  I will not be teaching you how to be an artist, but will show you ideas, and techniques to make your own art. Becoming an artist is within you and you will take it to whatever level you want.  There is no right or wrong in creating, and I want you to take away some basic approaches that will encourage you to explore ideas that appeal to you, and for you to continue to build upon these for future creative  endeavors.

The best way to use this course is to read and scroll through each lesson, with sharpies and scrap paper in hand...when you get to the end there will be an exercise or 2..after watching the videos and reading the text and viewing images and can begin the exercise.  Dont forget you can  view these courses over and over..there is no will have access to each of the 5 lessons, one at a time for five weeks..and unlimited after the five weeks have passed, . Yes, you can go at your own pace..and go back as often as you like.!

You will need access to a high speed internet connection as the videos that are used require this. To print out the downloads, you will need access to a printer. You do not have to print them out..they are just there for your inspiration and as a guide or template for your experiments. I am sorry but I can not issue refunds due to the nature of the purchase, If you are unhappy with any aspect of this course you may email me with concerns.  Of course I will be available for questions regarding anything pertaining to this course both on email and on the Facebook page "Make Your Mark" if you decide to join in on that group. I will send you an invitation after registration. Thanks so much everyone, and please feel free to make comments about the class and offer suggestions to make it even better..I am already in the process of preparing the next class called "Digital Dreams".

Course Supplys/Materials

These are the supplies that I used in creating the pieces in this workshop. You can purchase inexpensive paints and make your own sprays with food coloring and small spray bottles.You can gather other mark making supplies form around your home. I highlighted in red the supplies that I used in my videos, and you can purchase these from your local craft store ie.Michaels, Blick, Hobby Lobby..etc,  or use the links below to order directly from Amazon if you would like a bulk supply.  Even your local Walgreens Staples and CVS etc..carry some of these. Childrens craft supplies will also suffice for this workshop..the colors may not be as bold or vivid, but since it is a beginner class you are really just experimenting and you can always purchase higher quality supplies down the road if you like.

*1 pencil

*1 kneaded eraser ( it is the grey square block that "needs" to be "kneaded" works better than the typical pink pencil eraser, with no shreds...and I call it my magic eraser, as it works like magic.

1 watercolor pad (11 x 14) any size or brand is fine though

1 watercolor set (12 or more colors) any brand will do

2 black fine point Sharpie

2 black ultra fine point Sharpie

paints (craft paints or any paints you have will do.. as they are less expensive and will last a long time (Golden fluid acrylics are a wonderful option but are more expensive. If you would like to spend more and have these on hand, by all means invest in them, or just buy a few at a time....just know they are not required.)

brushes any size you are comfortable using..( pack of craft brushes and sponge applicators is fine, very inexpensive..if you have any brushes at home already..just use what you have)

Markers (Any colored Markers that you have) or Crayola, Sharpie, Faber Castel, or more expensive Copic, Tombow..etc...Again use what you have around the house..unless you would like to purchase more.

Watersoluble Crayons (Caran d Asche Neocolor II )or oil pastels (Portfolio Brand) you can buy just one or 2 at the Blick Art supply store or you can order from Amazon from my list below..the links I provided will take you right to the place where you can purchase them. This is not a must..only an option if you want

Stamp Pads any brand will do..!..if you do not have them it is fine..just use what you do have already, if you would like to have these then by all means purchase them.  The designs that are created here are really made with Sharpie, Paper and paint..everything else is optional, but you will not get the exact same reults as in the videos..and that is fine.!!!.Your creations do not need to be an exact replica...just try to apply the basic skills and enjoy what you are learning.

One 9 x 14 canvas or larger if you want

computer paper for practice sheets

Dylusions Spray Inks or

small spray bottles with food coloring mixed with water

small stamp pads..assorted colors..or just a few favs carve or just use as stamps

large dollar store erasers to carve stamps into with linoleum cutter or exacto knife

found objects from around the house to use as mark bottle caps, sponges, rim of glass, cut stalk of romaine lettuce, potatoe cut and carved as stamp, tin foil, saran wrap, credit card , toothbrush, hairbrush, comb, fork, etc.

95% of the music used in this video is from Danosongs here

Thank you Dan OConnor for providing royalty free music for our use...!


Some of my Favorite Tips

1. If you don't have a studio or specific place for you to create, try setting up a table in a corner, or someplace central to your  life. Let it be a place where you can leave all of your supplies out and available for you to use even if you just have a minute or two. Sometimes when I am just passing my table I stop and spread some pain, add in some pencil detail, glue on some collage elements, drip some watercolor, splash some acrylic, and then continue on with whatever I was doing..These are some of the finest moments to capture your instant inspiration, and your works will be visible for you to see throughout your day, because who knows when inspiration will strike!

2. Also try to have an Art carry case to have a one stop supply bag with you at all times.  It is also great for around the house, as well as going out and waiting at appointments, in the car, or just being outside where the creative bug  may bite..!

3. Keep all scraps that you find appealing.  Put then in a large Tupperware or scrapbook box for future use.  Sometimes a pretty napkin, candy wrapper or magazine design would be that something special to add to your next masterpiece.


Below are some of my supplies...

Bic markers, Sharpie white out pen, brushes of different sizes (don't spend a lot on brushes, basic brands will do..just keep them clean and lay flat to preserve them)


Gesso and inexpensive craft paint


Canson watercolor pad..but Strathmore  or any watercolor pad is just fine ..



Kneaded eraser..I call it magic eraser...


So for each of the lessons, you should have your 2 sharpies  and some scrap paper/ computer paper with you as you go through each section of the lesson.  The exercises will be at the end of each lesson highlighted in pink, but of course feel free to jump in and create as you go along if you have that desire.Or just keep some ideas or notes that may pop into your head as you look at images or watch a video..