Prepare To Push

Birth is a miraculous, natural process and so much of our innate wisdom goes into bringing our baby into the world. But what if we knew more going in? What if we prepared our bodies in a way that strengthened not only our muscles but our mind body connection? What if we practiced for birth using exercises that mimic optimal birth positions? And wouldn't it be great if someone told us effective ways to support our body as it heals? This course does all that! You will learn optimal posture and alignment, preventive and restorative exercises, what birth positions are best and tips and techniques to help your body heal. Created by Kim Vopni - The Fitness Doula, this course will help you prepare for and recover from pregnancy and childbirth so you can get back to the activities you desire with a new mama body you love!

  • The Prepare To Push e-course and the EPI-NO were very helpful!

    — Dr Nurmohamed - Family Physician, Vancouver BC
  • I thought I knew it all after obtaining my doula certificate, my prenatal yoga certificate AND having pushed out two kiddos of my own, but I recently took Kim's "Prepare to Push" workshop and, WOW! Lotsa goodies here!

    — Salina Buchan - Kukoon Yoga
  • I can't believe this information is not communicated elsewhere! I am so thankful I found this before I give birth!

    — Kelly, Vancouver BC
  • This course is essential for any expectant mom!

    — Amber, Toronto On
  • I feel so much more prepared (to push) and also have a new found respect for what to do postpartum. I already had my eye on a bootcamp but now I know better! Thank you for this amazing information!

    — Esther, Ottawa On
  • Hi Kim, I just wanted to share my birth story with you and express my gratitude for all that you do to promote pelvic health within the scope of birth prepartion and post-partum recovery. I had what I call the ''birth of my dreams''. I felt calm, prepared and in control to bring her into the world. The staff supported me in all my decisions including labouring in four point kneel or modified four point kneel (including even during all the verifications of my cervix). I gave birth in right side lying position, with my upper leg supported in abduction and slight internal rotation. My instinct was to use my left hand to support and ''traction'' my ischial tuberosity on the left. For pain control my husband and the nurses pushed on pressure points on my feet or on my trapezius during the contractions (taken from the Bonapace method). I also took more time to create an environment for us...dim lights, calming music, meditation and listening to and expressing my needs. I also did not block my respiration during pushing...:))) I did not tear at all...not even a little bit smile emoticon At the end of the EPI-NO stretching sessions I was at 10.5-11cm diameter. I pushed a little bit further because my children have large noggins!! I did have to have help from my husband to hold it in place towards the end and I practised global relaxation techniques during the daily 10 mins stretching session. The benefit of circumferential stretching and the practicing controlled expiration with PF relaxation with expulsion was so essential. The floating jellyfish image helped! I was so much more functional after birth with very little discomfort. The doctor asked me what was different from my other births. I told her that I had used the EPI-NO. She admitted having learned about it recently from another patient but not knowing much about it or where to refer people to purchase it. Her resident had not heard of it. I referred them to your website and discussed the benefits of stretching but also proprioceptive training for the expulsion phase :)) Now for rest and progressive exercises...I am doing your program and some gentle basic hypopressive techniques! Thank you so much again Kim! Sincerely, Allison :))

    — Allison (pelvic floor physiotherapist), Montreal QC