Gearing Up For NanoWriMo (Or Starting a Novel)

So, you want to participate in Nanowrimo? Yay! (Or maybe you just want to start a novel. That's cool, too.) 

Ever wish you could have personalized help while you plot your novel?
Now you can.

Ever wish you could write a book, but don't know where to start?
Are you participating in NaNoWriMo?
Walk through the plotting and planning process with ease as we guide you from creating a story idea, to believable characters to finding and detailing your plot. Book writing doesn't have to be scary.

Starting a novel can be overwhelming. Especially if you're trying to finish that first draft in thirty days. It is doable - and we're going to help you prep to get there. Whether you've got several books under your belt, or this is your first novel, we're breaking down all the novel prep steps that you need. From forming the initial idea to forming characters to world building, we're covering it all.

Is NaNo lurking around the corner reminding you that you still need an idea? We're going to supply you with some story starters, character snippets, and even a variety of settings to get the inspiration flowing!

We won't leave you hanging. What are your biggest challenges? We'll attach lessons, and answer questions to guide you exactly as you need it.

We're Kristen & Jolene, the Muses behind Pen and Muse + Pen and Muse Press. We guide thousands of writers through the writing and publishing process, as well as offering marketing advice and services. Our goal is to support authors - showcase their writing talents - while giving them the tools they need to keep doing what they're doing.

And we want to help you!

Lesson List

  • Where to begin?
  • Finding an idea
  • Character Building
  • Setting and Worldbuilding
  • Let’s Get to Plotting, Baby!
  • Plotting Methods
  • A Nano Author’s Guide to Plotting
  • A Nano Author’s Guide to Fixing Your Outline
  • POV- Who Sees Whom?
  • Last Minute Inspiration: Storystarters
  • Last Minute Inspiration: Characters
  • Last Minute Inspiration: Settings
  • Last Minute Character Questions
  • Tips and Tricks To Remember

We hope you join us as we walk you through creating a novel - with some tips and tricks of our own!

  • I'm really impressed with the whole course. I'm a pantser, but I outlined a novel!!!

    — Mari Wells (@Mari_Wells4)
  • Thanks again for all your help, support, and encouragement. I'm walking proof that Pen and Muse helps other writers.

    — Brian Taylor (@WriteBWT)

How long will it take me to go through this course?

You can go at entirely your own pace. If it's the weekend before NaNoWriMo, you could do it all in one day. If you have a month to plan, we suggest doing one feature a day - but do what makes you feel comfortable.

Can I get a workbook to print of this?

We're working on having that shortly - a final lesson will come soon with the downloadable workbook. You'll receive an email notification!

What if I have questions about part of the course?

Comment on the bottom of the course - we're checking back in to help walk you through the process. If it's a big question, we'll write another lesson.

What if I have a NaNo plotting related question that isn't mentioned here?

Tweet us, email us, or comment on the bottom of the course - we'll add lessons (or add to pre-existing lessons) as needed.