ZenPen - Fall 2013

Welcome to ZenPen: Body-Based Writing for Healing, Transformation, and Personal Growth!

This six-week e-course begins on September 30, 2013. You will be going through each lesson with your fellow ZenPen travelers with ample opportunities to share, ask questions, and connect with one another if you so wish.

In this course, you will be writing, experimenting, seeing your life differently and engaging all your senses, and exploring all that you are. There is no "right way" to participate in this ZenPen program. You will each have your own personal intentions for being here or maybe you're not sure quite why but you will discover it in the process...of writing!

What's different about ZenPen is that it is body-based. What that means is that during the writing process, we will tap into the wisdom of our bodies. Our minds can only get us so far -- and sometimes our minds play tricks on us or lead us down roads of self-criticism or limitation. The body holds all the information, wisdom, and experiences we've had in our lives. It plays no tricks. It tells us the truth.

In addition to writing exercises, I will be offering exercises for your body as well -- exercises involving breath, movement, the senses, and more. One of my mottos is "when you're stuck, move," and I wholeheartedly believe that when we get stuck in life we need to move in some way -- move our bodies, move to a new environment, move our hand across the page in a new way, and shift our focus from brain-writing to body-writing.

This course is both for established writers who wish to tap into their creative process in a vastly different way AND for anyone who wishes to write more fully, write more often, or experiment with how writing can be a tool for healing. No specific writing experience is required.

ZenPen is...

• process-oriented

• body-based

• generative

• holistic

• healing

This is not a writing critique program; it is about the act of writing itself. During the course, you may share your process, pose questions, share bits of writing that you found illuminating, and support others in our community who are on this healing journey as well.

Each week, you will receive a ZenPen lesson from me, which will include a video, a theme and inspiration for your week, and several exercises and writing prompts to try. Mid-week, I will check in with an inspirational post to keep you going and to remind you how awesome you are to being giving yourself the gift of self-compassion through writing.

In addition to this CourseCraft site, which will have all lessons, there is also a private ZenPen Facebook Group you may join so you can be more connected to others in our community. You may start discussions, ask questions, share resources and insights, and more.

I am honored that you are here and I look forward to meeting each of you on this creative healing journey.

peace and fantastically messy pen scribbles,