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This course includes 11 lessons which cover: Human growth proportions and how this affects pattern grading Types of grading - slash and spread, pattern shifting and percentage grading Video demonstration of bodice grading through all of these methods, and explanation of pattern shifting for pants, skirts and sleeves Downloadable blank charts and math formulas for creating pattern shifting grading charts for bodices, pants, skirts and sleeves for infants up through adults How to write grading actions in Adobe Illustrator to speed up digital grading Tips for manual grading on paper. Resources for accurate measurements and further reading

This course does NOT include: Filled in grading charts for all sizes/types of patterns (you can easily derive your own with the blank charts and formulas provided) Human growth measurement charts or size charts - though there are links to use to find this information. Collar grading: I find I get best results when I draft each size of collar individually based on the graded bodice.
How to use Adobe Illustrator for pattern making. This is covered in my other course here. This course sticks to how to grade patterns, primarily in Adobe Illustrator.

To be successful in this course, you will need a basic understanding of drafting patterns - ie you can draft a pattern from measurements.

To take full advantage of the course you will also need a basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator. Basics are covered in the free lesson here. To grade digitally (like the percentage grading and pattern grading actions) you will also need to own or have access to Adobe Illustrator. Adobe usually has free trial periods, student and teacher discounts and monthly subscriptions in case you don't want to purchase the full price software. However, this course is worthwhile even if you only want to grade on paper - the concepts are the same and the charts work the same way whether you are grading digitally or manually.

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