The B Word for Artists Beta

The B Word for Artists is designed as an all-encompassing course, giving artists the tools they need to build an online presence from the ground up. (Psst - that "B Word" is "business"!)

The B Word is your solution if:
- you feel overwhelmed with everything involved in building your art into a business.
- the thought of learning to take photos or track your inventory terrifies you.
- you can't seem to move past listing 2 or 3 pieces online.
- you don't know how to talk about your art to potential customers.
- or - you are frustrated talking to friends and family who just don't get it. You need support.

I can't wait to give you all the knowledge you need to transform your art into a passion-filled business. But better yet, I'm going to help you implement the changes along the way so your questions aren't stemming solely from textbook-style learning, but from the problems you encounter when you actually do what you learn in the real world.

This is a two-week program covering the basics of your product presentation - primarily copywriting, pricing, and photography. The modules are filled with videos, pdfs, checklists, and homework that are completed following a schedule outlined by daily emails. There are also two live Q&A webinars and a private Facebook group for dealing with questions and confusion, all personally attended by me.

You're an artist. This business stuff is stressful. I get it because I've been there and now I can share my expertise with you. I understand the business of art and I know that the old rules no longer apply. You don't have to be a "Starving Artist". You can make a living doing what you love these days, primarily because you can easily reach a worldwide audience like you never could before. Arts used to be localized. You had to move to New York or Paris or Berlin to earn any modicum of financial support from your art because that was where the collectors were. That was where the artistic progress was. And there was no way to reach the collectors and galleries and progressive minds from Nowhereville, USA. But now we have the internet.

Now you can live anywhere you want. In fact, you can be a constant traveler, a nomad, and still make money from your art. I want to teach you how to use the online world to effectively sell your work from wherever you are. You are talented and skilled. You are creative and smart. Your art can touch souls, transform rooms (or outfits!), and even change lives. If you're still struggling to make one gallery sale at a time and forking over half, or more, of the money - it's time to stop. It's time to serve the people who are just waiting for your art to come into their lives.

The Schedule for The B Word Beta:
Week 1 - March 18-22
getting oriented
target market
product quality and curation
copywriting and SEO
Q&A webinar

Week 2 - March 25-29
The Famous Artist Secret
photography and image editing
tracking inventory
Q&A webinar

The videos and worksheets are chock full of information, but I think they're kind of fun too! The worksheets are rimmed in gold glitter and involve lots of drawing and playing. The videos are full of amazing art from fellow artists and they move along quickly so you don't lose attention. I personally narrate each video and you'll see my face as I open and close every single one to get you oriented and to give you your next step. Plus, I guarantee you'll hear something no one's ever told you before.

I'm here for you every step of the way. When you have a question, pop over to the private Facebook group. I'll read every post myself and give you the necessary advice to work through each problem along the path to success. Yep, I just said "path to success". Normally I don't speak in those cliches and silly phrases, but this one really resonates with me. What I teach in The B Word is the foundation of a successful art business. With this knowledge, you have all the tools you need to be successful. The rest just takes lots of effort and a little time.

So what are you getting, physically?
- The B Word contains two weeks of course content (the emails divide it up really well, but each week's content will be available on that Monday so you can work through it at your liesure).
- A private Facebook group forum to ask me and your peers questions. You're a member of the Facebook group for as long as The B Word exists.
- Two live Q&A webinars to talk to me face to face.
- When you "graduate" from The B Word, you'll also get a discount on any one-on-one coaching you might choose to pursue with me.
- A chance to inform future iterations of The B Word and other programs I create so you are getting exactly what you need.

I'm only taking 15 students in this business-revolutionizing program. With that exclusivity comes the privilege of shaping the program, going forward. Wish there were more webinars? You got it! Didn't understand the pricing videos? I'll rewrite them. This program is all about you and your business success. Given that, if you've got any questions about the program, drop me a line. I'm just an email away.

Laura C George is a business coach for artists, striving to give creatives the knowledge they need to grow their businesses using internet as a platform to widen their reach and increase their sales. Laura especially loves talking about branding and product photography in her business. Outside of work, she's a printmaker living in North Carolina with her adorable puppy and the love of her life.