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There are 5 lessons in this course.

  1. How to scan paper patterns, reassemble in Illustrator, and turn into digital objects
  2. How to format your patterns for printing
  3. How to draft pattern blocks/slopers digitally
  4. How to use digital pattern blocks/slopers as a guide to draft other patterns
  5. How to measure in illustrator

Drafting is NOT taught in this class; the class assumes you know how to draft on paper and focuses on showing you how to use Illustrator tools to digitize that process.

You will NOT learn how to grade patterns as part of this course - that is a separate course, found here.

This course and its materials are copyrighted. Materials cannot be shared with friends or other people under US copyright laws. Enrolling in the course entitles the purchaser to view/download the materials, but you cannot share the course. Each student should purchase their own virtual "seat" in the class.

To be successful in this course, you will need a basic understanding of sewing patterns and drafting (ie you can draft a pattern on paper and sew a garment from a pattern); you will also need to own or have access to Adobe Illustrator CS4 or higher. Illustrator CS3 does NOT have multiple artboard capability to create multi-page PDFs the way it is explained in the course. Adobe usually has free trial periods, student and teacher discounts and monthly Creative Cloud subscriptions in case you don't want to purchase the full price software.

The emphasis/examples in this course are from children's wear, but the concepts apply to any kind of digital pattern making, from one-size fits all to men's and women's wear.

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