How to Create a Working Art Journal

Want to know how I process everyday inspirations into my fiber art?

I use a working art journal. 

But, my journal is not like the mixed media art journals you see out there, my journal is my creative brain dump that I carry with me from day to day.

You see, I spent 20 years as an art director in the meat grinder that is the advertising industry. I had to come up with cutting edge, original, but not too out there, ingenious visuals for projects, on the fly, under deadline and at a moments notice. In other words, no time to go outside in nature and look at daisies. But, really, would looking at daisies help me generate that brilliant visual that will please the client/boss/customer and sell that commercial real estate/telecommunications testing facility/breakfast sausage? To practice communicating visually for yourself, in a variety of mediums, with no judgement helps make it easier to make art when it is time to get down to work. One of the most creative designers I know keeps an art journal with him at all times. Not all the pages are works of art, but it is all very personal, and he really does not share his journal. It is a personal tool. But, because he keeps this art journal, and creates pages all the time, he is very clear about what he knows is good design. It is no surprise he is a leader in his industry.

This short ecourse will walk you though how I do it. Super easy to set up, insanely addictive once you start using it to collect all of you inspirations. Not super time consuming, I will tell you the easiest way to intergrate you journal practice into you busy life. 

**coming top 20 journaling techniques, and a way to catalog you ideas for future reference**