The Grand Tableau is a course I've been perfecting over the past three years. I orgininally taught this as part of my two hour Lenormand introduction (!!) and now, the course spans 20 lessons.

The last time I ran a group course on this was late 2013--and the class was 6 weeks. I've designed this material on CourseCraft to be self-paced, but you can expect it to take 6-8 weeks to go through, digest, and feel comfortable with. That said, at the end of this course, you will be a competent and confident Grand Tableau reader!

This course expects a degree of Lenormand competency in some traditional structural school. If you are unable to read Lenormand cards in pairs in lines of 5-7, you may be overwhelmed with the material. If you need a beginner's lesson, my Lenormand For Beginners course is available here on CourseCraft as well.

The course begins with lines of 9 and progresses--spending a lot of time on blocks of 9 as a foundation of the Grand Tableau. The material ends with trouble shooting, and several examples of full Grand Tableau readings.

The material is text + video based. Here's a table of contents and two free sample lessons (they're the ones marked 'free'):

Welcome! Read this first!
Blocks of 9
Blocks of 9 redux
Block of 9 checklist
The Grand Tableau
Grand Tableau FAQ
Grand Tableau Exercise
Grand Tableau Exercise pt. 2
Reading the blocks in the Grand Tableau
Mirroring & Knighting in the Grand Tableau
Houses in the Grand Tableau
Map making with Significant Cards
All-future Grand Tableau
What's NOT happening in a Grand Tableau
Directions & Relationships
Narrative in the Grand Tableau
Making decisions for your Grand Tableaus
Grand Tableau Troubleshooting
Sample Grand Tableaus + You're done!!


I'm really excited about the CourseCraft platform because all of the lesson material, downloads, and videos are right on the page. You have perpetual access to this material (and I don't have to maintain the technical stuff! Woo!). You can ask questions or leave feedback after every lesson and I can respond directly on the page, so everyone benefits from our conversations! 

If you have any questions about the course, the material, or Lenormand, please don't hesitate to write. My inbox is always open!