Purpose: Find Your Why

Purpose: Find Your Why is a five-part course in discovering your over-arching purpose, so that you can more deeply understand yourself, your passions, your needs, and the direction your work wants to take you.

What would it feel like to show up as your true self?

What would your life look like?

What might the shape of your work be?

What would change … naturally, with ease and awareness … when you can articulate your reason for being?

  • …it didn’t feel rushed, it felt totally doable and flow-y. And so much clarity. I’ve been ripe for this… and you brought it right out of me.

    — Robyn Lindsey, Author
  • I fully intend to revisit these exercises because they are so powerful. I am inspired just by being in this space. I don’t know if it’s because finding my purpose has been something I’ve been struggling with for over a year now and it’s just time or what, but WOW! This course has really helped open my eyes to my purpose – to ME! It’s so beautifully and lovingly written, so encouraging and supportive, but power-packed!

    — Karla Tucker, Editor & Virtual Assistant

Purpose — your purpose, your over-arching theme, the thread that weaves it all together — is a valuable thing to know.

It means that you know yourself, intimately.

It means that you’re better able to say your ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ with conviction.

Knowing your purpose strips away self-doubt, clears you of that nagging what-if feeling, and helps you shape the life you want to live.

Knowing your purpose is a dangerous thing.

Because once you know who you truly are, you can never un-know it. And once you accept the truth of it, your life will never be the same.

Knowing your purpose is not an exercise in resigning yourself to what Fate decided you should do for the rest of your life.

Knowing your purpose is a freeing step into fully trusting who you are and what you’re capable of.

  • Purpose. The thread that winds its way through every aspect of our souls and our lives. To really love the life we each live, everything we do, even our work, needs to be woven with this thread of our purpose. Rhiannon gets this. Deeply. She also knows that the thread(s) can be elusive, can hide themselves in the every day, can shade themselves in our own self-doubts.

    This program lifts away the shadows, pulls the thread(s) into the light, and helps you learn to dance with your own purpose. Once you’ve discovered your thread, you’ll feel the infinite stories you can weave.

    — Teresa Deak, Butterfly Shaman
  • So, I’ve done these exercises, like I said, before in some other form; This was the easiest time I had with them. And it flowed. I really love what I came up with, it’s probably the most clear I’ve been on my purpose so far.

    — Alexia Petrakos, Podcaster & Facilitator

For those on the cusp of transition, for dreamers and doers who are experiencing dissonance where there ought to be harmony, for all of us who know we are here to be the change:

This course is for you.

Purpose: Finding Your Why is five-part online course. You can do it in five days. You can do it in one day. It’s completely up to you.

What you will discover in Purpose is a window into your true self, and what you will have when you’re finished is an articulate statement of purpose that you can use anywhere, including that About page that’s been giving you grief.

The cost to register is $23USD, and you will have access to all the materials immediately.