The Glow Project with Summer Sanders

This cleanse is incredibly close to my heart, I've been working hard so that I can help you GLOW, truly glow. I don't mean just the gorgeous facial glow, I mean a full body + soul glow. This online cleanse and eCourse will guide you on a week long (7 day) raw food cleanse and mind + spirit awakener. You will come out of this cleanse with clarity, life tools, positivity, a looser waist band and a sexy full body glow!  

You can purchase the Glow Project and join in anytime! The Glow Project will provide you with all the tools and guidance you need to conduct a raw food and juice-based cleanse in your home. The Glow Project includes a step-by-step cleanse plan with recipes and shopping list downloads, as well as daily task to help keep you on track. You'll have connection and support of an online community and you’ll learn how to live a healthy lifestyle that will leave you feeling nourished, alive, motivated and glowing even after your cleanse.


  • Lose Weight (up to 10 pounds!)
  • Get Inspired + Feel Present Moment Awareness?
  • Learn all About Raw Food Prep and How to Incorporate It Into Your Everyday Life?
  • Learn About Bowel Cleansing and How It Will Help You Lose That Stubborn Fat?
  • Cleanse Toxins + Fat That Cause Cellulite and Bloating?
  • Balance Hormones + Feel Sexy?
  • Cleanse your Internal Organs?
  • Have Fun and Feel Alive Again?
  • Have a Sexy Glow from the Inside Out!?


  • My Raw Food Recipe booklet with over 30 plant-based, raw vegan, gluten-free and processed sugar free recipes to get you glowing!
  • A free copy of my eBook Radiantly Raw with over 130 Plant Strong Recipes
  • Downloadable shopping list for the whole program
  • Step-by-step cleansing plan with recipes and how-to’s 
  • Detox effects and navigation 
  • Healthy lifestyle practices + tools for full body wellness + present moment awareness
  • Meditation and journaling exercises to support your follow through 
  • Cleansing Tips
  • Enema Guide and How To
  • Resources + Recommendations
  • Community Facebook pate to connect with the group and share experiences!
  • Support videos along the way

Have you tried detoxing before and fell off the wagon or have not been able to follow through? If so, this cleanse is for you. I'm all about keeping you on track, you'll find that this guided cleanse is full of motivational material and guidance that keeps you engaged and inspired while having fun and learning all about a plant-strong lifestyle.

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Why The Glow Project?

What you'll get from doing The Glow Project goes far beyond just a body cleanse for weight loss, although you will lose weight...This cleanse addresses some of the deep embedded thought patterns and issues that keep us from following through and sticking to a healthy lifestyle. This is something that is really important! I don't want you to do a cleanse and then not be able to implement the things you've learned. This course is really a detox of negative thoughts, negative self-talk and negative life patterns. Detoxing these core happiness inhibitors will free you up to lose weight, feel good and stay motivated.

About the Course

This course is going to be fabulous...but I bet you want to know more than that right? I thought so. So here is some information about what we will be doing and why. 

We will be embarking on a 7-day cleanse that involves mind-body detoxing though some of my favorite methods: raw foods, colon cleansing, self inquiry worksheets, inspirational videos + audio and tasks that will support and engage you. Some of the tasks may seem unrelated to health and unrelated to cleansing, but I'll ask you to trust me for the week, everything in this course has been well thought out and tested, it's relevant and will help you. 

Communication During The Course

There will be a closed Facebook group for The Glow Project where you can communicate with me and other cleanser for support. If you need more support, you always have access to my personal email.


You'll get some fun freebies when you sign up for the course! 

  • Free recipe ebook for getting back into the grove after you break your cleanse.
  • My Radiantly Raw Smoothie eBook
  • 20% off of all of my packages on my website
Get Prepared + Welcome Video
Detox Side Effects + Navigation
Cleansing Tips
Enema 101
The Day Before Your Cleanse // Setting Goals + Following Through
Day One // Self Love + Feelings
Day Two // Clutter Cleansing
Day Three // Giving to Receive
Day Four // Using Social Media to Succeed
Day Five // Meditation + Making Food Art
Day Six // Navigating The Grocery Store + Eating Out
Day Seven // Introspection + Stem Sentence Work
Getting Back Into The Groove
  • When I met Summer Sanders and started following her blog, I was depressed, overweight and not making good eating choices. With her help, I started juicing, making smoothies and eating clean. About a month later, I'd lost 10lbs and was feeling better, more positive and more motivated every day. That was when Summer shared her 5-Day Detox. The Detox is a combination of juice and smoothie recipes, as well as additional advice on how to cleanse your mind and body. It literally changed my life! I'm so incredibly grateful to Summer and amazed at the knowledge she has and at her culinary skills. Working with Summer and her program has helped me loose over 20lbs in just a few months. I also feel more confident in myself, my children are eating well and I honestly think it's made me a better person. I feel like I've been able to feed off of Summer's positivity, as well as her food and it feels great!

    — Hannah K. Jackson
  • ”After being vegetarian for 4 years and then deciding that I wanted to transition to a raw vegan diet, I hired Summer to help me make the switch. Even on my vegetarian diet, I was experiencing low energy, weight gain, acne, and depression, so I wanted to try a raw vegan diet which I hoped would help improve these conditions. I was very impressed by the way Summer really got to know me so that she could put together a plan for me that was completely personalized to my specific goals. My plan was packed with more information than I could’ve asked for, including the nutrition of raw superfoods, good mood foods, good skin foods, kitchen equipment and how to prepare raw foods, travel tips, books to look into, and delicious raw recipes created by Summer. Furthermore, if I wanted to know about anything more in depth, she was always open and happy to take the time to give even more advice, information, and guidance. She really understands that everyone’s body has different needs and teaches you to listen to your body. When I found that I was getting too much dietary fat for my body’s preference with the initial meal plan that I got, Summer helped me adjust my plan and sent me even more raw recipes that were better suited to my needs. I had a great experience with Summer, and I’m so happy to say that 3 months later my energy levels are fantastic, I’m slowly but steadily getting down to a healthier weight, my acne has completely cleared up, I am no longer on depression medication, and I even used to have a nickel allergy that is now non-existent! The benefits of going raw are endless, and I know I wouldn’t have been able to experience those benefits without her dedicated help.”

    — Katie Rau
  • “Summer is a raw food goddess and her recipes are out of this world! She has been my go-to-girl for amazing raw recipes and inspiration for several years now. Summer has truly has mastered the raw lifestyle and makes eating live, vibrant food fun and delicious! ”

    — Whitney Tingle Co-Founder of Sakara Life

How much will my grocery bill be?

That really depends on where you live and where you shop. I suggest hitting your farmers market and natural foods store. Whole foods is great, but can get pricy. Trader Joe's has some good prices on organic produce and nuts! Shopping in San Diego, California at the farmers market, local natural food store and Trader Joe's our bill came to around $200 and this is with green for juicing included.

How much weight will I lose?

This depends on a lot of different factors, but the average amount of weight lost on this program is 7 pounds.

Will I be hungry?

You shouldn't be! This is a whole food cleanse so we're not just doing juices, there is solid food, snacks and even dessert!