How to Write and Have a Life

How do you do it all?

People ask me this question a lot despite the fact that this is usually asked of career women with kids and I have no children. But I suppose the question is valid because I do quite a bit: I run a network for female writers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs in my hometown. I teach English at a local fine arts school. I'm a wife, daughter, sister and friend. I'm active in my community. And I exercise most days of the week. Despite my busy schedule, I still manage to run a blog and a business and write for several print and online publications. I have figured out how to write and have a life. In this course I'm going to show you that you can, too. 

In this course I won't just give you the information you need to better manage your time and increase your productivity, but I'll also give you the encouragement, support, and accountability you need to stick to the plan and stay consistent. This course not only includes the text-based content here, but also a private Facebook community and 4 virtual group coaching calls valued at $397!  

We’ll work together through 12 lessons that will teach you the following:

  • How to write a mission and vision for your life and writing career or blog
  • How to set goals that will help you better manage your time
  • How to adopt healthy habits that will make you more peaceful and productive
  • How to develop a mindset for consistency
  • How to get rid of bad habits that are wasting your time
  • How to write every day
  • How to rekindle your romance for your blog
  • How to plan your day, week, and month to set yourself up for success
  • How to stay inspired and never run out of ideas
  • How to give yourself a break 

And you can work at your own pace! 

Are you in? Are you ready to learn how to write and have a life? Let's do this! 


Javacia Harris Bowser 

Founder & Editor, See Jane Write

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