Solopreneur Finance: Managing Money on Your Own Terms

Who are we? We are Carrie Smith of Careful Cents, and Cristina and Sara of One Woman Shop. We co-created this course for one woman shops and solopreneur businesses because we believe you shouldn't go at it alone! We've taken our personal experience and wrapped it into money-saving and business-changing strategies just for you.

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Are you tired of trying to get on top of your biz finances? Do you feel overwhelmed or unsure of what the next step is? Are you sick of dealing with the financial disorganization? That's why we created this course -- to help you take back control and feel less stressed about your money.

You'll learn how to manage money on your terms, while running your solopreneur business successfully. It’s about finding the “rules” that work for you. Do something this year that your future self with thank you for (and your future biz).

In these 12 lessons you’ll learn how to get started, the smartest systems to have in place, how to hire help on a small budget, when to pay taxes, and lots more. You'll also receive 3 free bonuses in the form of checklists, cheat sheets, and our favorite tools for streamlining your biz.

Here's what the course includes:

1. Learning what works (and what doesn't)
2. Crafting your own set of money rules
3. Applying for a DBA and Tax ID number
4. Becoming an LLC or sole proprietor?
5. Simplifying your business and personal bank accounts
6. Hiring a bookkeeper, or DIY?
7. Financial systems and organization tips
8. Creating a business budget plan
9. Estimating and paying taxes
10. Handling and preventing business emergencies
11. Hiring team members and outsourcing work
12. Our favorite resources, tools, and websites 

  • Bonus: Common financial terms and definitions cheat sheet
  • Bonus: Tax checklist for small business owners
  • Bonus: Business budgeting spreadsheet template

As a final bonus, you'll also receive access to all the course material via a separate PDF ebook. You can then download this to your tablet, smartphone, or computer to easily reference on the go.