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Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Apart from the pampering aspect of the treatment, massage has many physiological and emotional benefits. IHM is known to:

improve blood flow to the head and neck
improve lymphatic drainage
relieve muscular tensions
relieve physical and emotional stress
improve joint mobility
promote deep relaxation
help improve muscle tone
help relieve eyestrain
help relieve deep congestion in the head
relieve stress and anxiety
create a feeling of balance and well-being.
improve hair and scalp conditions

The majority of people only worry about their hair's health when it starts to look dry or thinning. When the body is subjected to ill health or stress, the hair is often affected and can become dry. Healthy hair should be promoted from childhood with the help of regular massage, and Indian women use oils such as coconut or almond to help nourish the hair and to keep its shiny appearance.

Indian Head Massage

Pre-requisites - Swedish Massage Qualification.

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Table of Contents

Health And Safety
The Appearance Of A Therapist
The History of Indian Head Massage
Benefits Of Indian Head Massage
How Often Should We Have An IHM?
The Skin
Bones Of The Face
The Circulatory System
The Respiratory System
The Lymphatic System
Sinus Cavity
The Hair
Skin Diseases And Disorders

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