Creative Self-Recovery: A Journey Through the Artist's Way

Hello! This course is now closed. Stay tuned, I hope to enroll it again in fall 2021; you can sign up to be notified in the slots below!

With this course, we will be working through The Artist's Way together, as a community, with support, accountability, inspiration from others, and gentle sharing.

By signing up for this course you will get:

-A private community that starts February 1st and goes for 12 weeks
-Weekly video check-ins and teachings from Catherine
-3 live coaching calls with the community to learn and share insights
-Inspiration and accountability from others going through the process with you!

My experience with The Artist's Way

In 2017, I was in a bad place.

I was unhappy. I felt like every day was the textbook definition of going through the motions. Stuff was… fine. It just wasn’t… great.

Most disappointingly to me at the time, I was coming off of half a decade of something unthinkable to me: I hadn’t been able to meaningfully write for myself in nearly five years.

My blogging consisted of sporadic posts that basically just apologized for not writing and beating myself up about it. Every few weeks I would fire up the old website and wait… and nothing would come.

More often than that, I would think about getting up early in the mornings to spend some time writing, or figuring out a way to carve space in the evening for it — and without doubt, almost every time, I would just roll over in my bed or on my couch and scroll on my phone.

My friends, I was in a rut. And I didn’t see any way out.

A year or so earlier, in my endless googling about “how to start writing again,” (hot tip: endless googling about how to write again is not going to help) I came across the idea of the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. The book sold itself as helping people with artistic creative recovery, through a spiritual path.

Meh, I thought. Spiritual. Gross. The book also looked like it came out of a bargain bin at a self-help store, with its clunky design and nearly textbook-like appearance.

But something in me softened, and I bought a used copy on Amazon anyways.

The next few days I spent flipping through the book and raising my eyebrows, intrigued. There are a variety of exercises and reflections in the book, but the bedrock of the path is Morning Pages, simply three handwritten pages of stream of consciousness thinking, done first thing upon waking. It’s not supposed to be art. It’s not supposed to be self-edited. You’re not even supposed to ever re-read it. Morning Pages aren’t supposed to be writing as much as they are supposed to be a method of unblocking.

“I’m into that,” I thought. “And, bonus, it sounds easy!”

Reader… it was not easy. I got through about three days before I gave up the attempt, citing my inability to wake up early (it was not my inability to wake up early, but more on that later), and shoved the book in a corner of my condo.

An entire year later, I was having issues where I was waking up consistently at 5am no matter what I did, for no reason I could tell. One morning, it struck me: I was up two hours early anyways — why didn’t I give the Morning Pages a shot again since I had time?

It was like a rocket ship took off. That spring of 2017, I started what would become the Sunday Soother. I was writing again. I had a notebook full of ideas. Perhaps more importantly. I started to feel full of wonder, of possibility, of potential again. I was happier. Learning things about myself. Writing and creativity once again felt joyful, instead of obligations.⁣ ⁣

Two years after starting a Morning Pages practice, and working through the entirety of The Artist's Way, I quit my corporate job to pursue my full-time passions.

If you're somebody who is struggling with creativity, or who wants to dedicate time to self-discovery in order to get back in touch with your soul, this course is for you. 

It was with my own personal transformation via The Artist's Way in mind, and the understanding that others are so curious about the book and Morning Pages, but perhaps afraid to start, that I am creating this community for 12 weeks.

Remember how I said I thought it was my inability to get up early that previously blocked me from doing Morning Pages on my first attempt?

It wasn’t that. God knows I have the willpower to get up whenever I want when the thing really matters.

What was blocking me, then?

It was my unconscious belief that I didn’t deserve to create a space for myself.

That I was unable to do a routine that would actually benefit me.

That I shouldn’t do things unless I could do them perfectly — and Morning Pages and The Artist's Way seemed intimidating, and I might fail — so I shouldn’t give it a shot.

That I already knew couldn’t keep a promise to myself that was important to me — so why even try?

The Artist's Way blew all of those false beliefs wide open.

But it wasn’t easy. I was doing the book alone. So often I had wished for friends, resources, insights about the workbook and particularly Morning Pages as I leaned into the creation of the practice and the routine. Should I do it this way… ? Or, who will even care if I don’t wake up early tomorrow to do this? Or, most often: What’s the point?

The point is that you do something good for yourself. The point is that you clear your mind for 20 minutes once a day and dive back into your soul's creativity. The point is that you deserve this space. The point is to prove that you can keep a small promise to you.

The point is also community. I have seen over the past decade the healing power of internet communities coming together to do something and to learn from each other. (I mean yeah I have also seen the internet ruin democracies and enable the Russians to read my DMs, but, uh, we’ll just put in a pin in that for now.)

I want to create a virtual space where people could push themselves to explore their own creativity and their own minds — and do it with support, resources, insights from those who have been there before, from others who wanted to help. I wanted to create a space where people could try it out. I wanted a space for all of this.

By joining this community and course, you’ll get access to all that and more. There will be a workshop about Morning Pages. There will be videos from me. There will be community support. There will be a space to ask questions and share.

Everybody deserves to have access to this transformational tool in their life.

Everybody deserves to have a community of support in their own efforts to grow personally.

Everybody deserves everything they want.

And by everybody, I mean you.

The Artist's Way is a life-changing book and process, but it can be hard to do on your own.

With this course, we will be working through The Artist's Way together, as a community, with support, accountability, inspiration from others, and gentle sharing.

Recover your creativity, your inspiration, your wonder, in community, with others, just like you.

We start February 1st, 2021.

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What will you need to participate in this course?

  • A copy (I recommend a real copy you can hold in your hands, not digital) of The Artist's Way
  • A journal for Morning Pages (you don't need anything fancy if you don't like; I use Mead spiral-bound notebooks)
  • A writing tool
  • A Facebook account for the private community (I know, I know - but it's the platform that best allows me to do the live weekly videos with the lowest barrier for entry for most folks. I highly recommend creating a throw-away account if you are not on Facebook. 99% of this community and course will be taking place there.)
  • A laptop or computer to watch my weekly check-in videos on (replays will be available in the private community)
  • A few hours a week to dedicate to the work and exercises
  • An open heart and soul, and a willingness to try 

How does The Artist's Way work?

This book is 12 weeks' worth of reading and short self-reflection assignments. Additionally, there are two bedrock practices; a daily morning journaling practice that takes about 15-20 minutes, depending; and a weekly practice of taking yourself on an "Artist's Date."

What will I get by joining?

Magical things unfold when you dedicate yourself to The Artist's Way. I've seen people quit jobs, start businesses, write full books, move cities, and, most importantly, reconnect with their sense of purpose and creativity.

You'll also make friends, have community, get to ask me questions as often as you like via the private community, and have all of my support and heart behind you as dive into this life-changing process. 

Who is this course meant for?

Literally anybody, but it's particularly powerful for people who feel disconnected from their creativity; stifled by perfectionism; isolated in their creative efforts; struggling with self-doubt and keeping promises to themselves; writers, artists, and creatives of all stripes. And, oh -- if you're a human being, you're a creative. 

When do the videos and calls take place?

I will drop weekly videos in the private community every Monday evening at 7pmET. You can watch live and ask questions, or watch the replays later.

There will also be 3 live group calls taking place on Zoom:
Monday, February 1st, 7pmET: Kickoff and welcome call! 

Monday, March 1st, 7pmET: Midpoint check-in and sharing!

Monday, April 19th, 7pmET: Graduation, closing reflections, and what's next?

All of these live calls will have a replay available. 

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