Journaling is what led to my awakening. When I was in my mid-30s, though I’d been a lifelong writer, blogger, and storyteller, I maintained a serious aversion to journaling. “I already know what I think about and what’s in my head,” I thought. “What’s the big deal about putting it down on paper?” 

Turns out, it’s the putting it down on paper that can wake you up to your own self. Now, through regular journaling, use of journal prompts, and other writing exercises, I’ve discovered the power of journaling, and it’s one of the most impactful tools I share with my clients and students for self-awareness, self-discovery, and lasting life change. 

Now, I’m sharing this process with you. I’ve compiled a beautiful workbook of 31 journal prompts that will lead you to moments of surprising, inspiring, and awakening self-discovery. These prompts will explore the self; your inner wishes, knowing, desires, and more. 

Think of these 31 days of journaling as a spring cleaning for your mind and your soul; each day, by journaling on the prompt, you’ll be unpacking and unclearing and getting to know and see yourself just a little bit better.

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