Master Online Presenting & Training

A new approach to engaging attendees online.

Wake up the Zoom Room!

In this course, learn how to set yourself apart from the other speakers out there and become the person that everyone wants to switch their cameras on for!!

Inside, Kate and Tanja share the tips and tricks they have successfully been using to get full engagement on their webinars and presentations (for themselves and their clients). 

Get clear on the online etiquette

Work out how to use your voice and body language in a way that won’t turn people’s cameras off. 

Get tips in how to build rapport and connection with your audience. 

Be guided in how to facilitate and lead. 

Improve your confidence and position yourself as the expert that you are.

What people say...

Amazing session on presentation preparation with Kate yesterday. The session was
well structured and tailored to each of the participants’ areas of
development/requirements. Kate also used practical examples throughout the
session. I left with valuable techniques and I can’t wait to nail my next presentation.
Nadine Yap MRICS - Associate Director at Turner and Townsend

Tanja’s session for online training tips & good practice was a great introduction to how to make the best use of platforms such as Zoom,Google Meet and so on with practical guidance on environment, energy, good listening & taking care of your online participants. Highly recommended.
Natalie Richardson, Producer

In the new world introduced by the pandemic, we all need to communicate and present effectively over video. I’ve had some 1:1 coaching from Kate to help me present better and also attended a couple of workshops she’s run. She’s an excellent coach and trainer, and I believe I’ve learned a fair amount in a short time, and I’d recommend her both to someone who just wants to learn about good practice communicating over video, and if you are presenting at conferences.
John Kleeman - Founder and Executive Director at Questionmark

I just wanted to say thank you to you for the session yesterday. It was really great, well prepared and informative. I certainly feel more confident to move forward in the digital world! You have a lovely warm, calm and relaxed energy, which put everyone at ease.
Lauren Barton, Production Manager & Producer (Manchester Day) 
Walk the Plank

What you'll get:

Kate teaches:

  • Warm up exercises for your voice and body.
  • Tips on how to enter the room, warm up the atmosphere and get engagement from the beginning.
  • Ways to connect with your audience.
  • Tips on how to plan your presentations.
  • Get rid of those “um’s” and learn how to moderate your voice and be less monotone.
  • Where to look during your presentation.
  • How to successfully improve your background and your lighting.

Tanja teaches:

  • How to feel more in control of the online environment.
  • Overcoming particular online challenges.
  • Planning engaging sessions.
  • The before-during-after of a good session.
  • Welcoming openings and good endings.
  • How setting clear parameters is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.
  • Moderating discussions successfully.

    Extra bonus course available too:

    • What to wear and what not to wear!
    • Full vocal warm up (20 mins).
    • Find your unique presenting style.
    • Downloadable pre-session checklist.
    • 'A moment of zen' text.
    • Icebreakers, games and bonus exercises.

    Link to this bonus course intro page here.

    Sneak peeks:



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    Further options:


    If you would like to dive headlong into Presenting with Confidence then you can also book a 121 session with Kate for £150 an hour.

    You can also book to take one of her foolproof public speaking packages and become a confident speaker who lights up the room!
    Packages start at £600

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    Tailored sessions for your organisation or group on 'Engaging Online Training' are available starting from £350.

    121 sessions also available for £150 an hour.

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    More about the course:

    Our approach to engaging attendees online:

    We are thrilled that the world is starting to open up again and that we can start meeting people in person again!

    However, one of the positive things to come out of 2020, was the realisation that online presentations, courses and workshops can reach a large global audience, and that in some cases the convenience of online meetings is just perfect. So online meets are here to stay and the world has become fluent in 'zoom'.

    Presenting successfully online requires a very different approach
    to live training - we have less visual cues, deal with more environmental distractions and so on. This is where we come in.

    This video course is designed to give you practical tips to ensure you are delivering and engaging just as well online as you would live. You will gain confidence and feel more relaxed when presenting, as well as having an arsenal of new tools to keep your participants engaged throughout.

    The potential of online is vast
    , but we must understand the differences in order to succeed in this space.

    This e-course has been created by networking and communications expert Tanja Raaste and professional speaking coach Kate Gilbert. Together, they share their expertise to help you present confidently and to engage your audiences online.

    About Us

    Tanja Raaste 

    Founder of Nordic Nomad Training, I am a networking and communications expert.  I have been running business skills workshops for 15 years and recently moved all my training online.

    In my free time, I created an award-winning edible garden and blog, dance Argentine tango and practice martial arts. Originally from Finland, via Spain and Los Angeles, I now call London home.

    With an emphasis on quality, and over 30 years' experience creating and delivering workshops and events, my clients return again and again.

    Kate Gilbert

    Kate is a professional speaking coach and has been working with many businesses and individuals for over seven years teaching public speaking. She trained as an actor and now works with individuals and companies training their staff in presenting online and in person. Kate has worked with CEOs of global corporate businesses as well as start-ups, entrepreneurs and performers to enhance their skills and break through their fear. 

    Her clients include SKY, The London School of Economics, The Black Curriculum, E-Assessment and government funded NCS. She brings together her love of writing, performance and the voice to help others to create impactful and engaging talks and presentations.

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    Table of Contents

    Creating Connection with your audience
    Setting Up Your Space
    Planning and Preparation
    Warming Up
    Engaging Attendees
    Openings and Introductions
    During the Session
    Mastering the Online Environment
    Moderating Discussions
    Ending & Post-session Communication

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do I have access to the course?

    3 Months. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's up to you! (Research shows that having an end-date helps us study through managing the human tendency to procrastinate).

    What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

    We would be sad. We want everyone to love the course. However, if you're really unhappy with the course, just email us within 7 days for a full refund.

    I have read through the course description and all the information, but still have a question, how can I contact you?

    I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

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