The 5-8 week immersion to remove karmic misalignments causing you to attract chaos into your life. You’ll ditch the people pleasing which has led you to a life you DON’T feel lit up about and become the powerful ruler of your new divine life, PLUS unlock sacred feminine healing codes to awaken your true desires and attract them into your life powerfully.

Do you feel like you have created a life based around what you should do, and saying yes instead of what you really want?

Are you sick of feeling like there is something missing and tired of feeling a deep ache within you to find it?

Do you feel like you’ve experienced yearssss of shit just hitting the fan and are finally starting to emerge but feel like you have changed into a totally new person, or are constantly waiting for the next shoe to drop?

You desire a life that you feel deeply connected to and makes you light up from the inside out, but instead you feel mismatched and confused on how to move forward.

Do you sometimes feel unseen, unheard, and in a rut of putting everyone else first?

Or, maybe you have FINALLY stopped putting everyone else first, but now you feel empty because along the way you lost yourself and your identity…

Do you numb out and just keep the status quo to buy you some time until you actually KNOW how to move forward and have the confidence to make the aligned choices you know you should?

You are not alone.

As women we have learned to survive in a culture where we are told to be selfless and get used to our needs not being met. This causes a vicious cycle of making choices based on what everyone else wants, disconnected from our own needs and intuition. It kills our desire, and imbalances the sacred feminine within us which should be (and is) our superpower for creating a life on our terms.

Ever have this conversation?

How are you doing?
I’m doing alright. (But, *the voice inside your head really says* I’m drained, and unfulfilled, and I’m not getting my cup filled at all.)

What’s new with you?
Not too much. (But *the voice inside your head really says* my life looks good from the outside right? But I'm slowly dying inside.)

How is your husband and how are your kids, everyone looks so cute in your new Facebook profile picture?
Thanks, everyone is good. (But *the voice inside your head really says* I love my family deeply but I feel like I’m giving up all my needs to take care of them and it makes me feel disconnected from them.

So often, too often, women wake up (in their 30’s) and think this is NOT the life I wanted for myself. Where did I go wrong?

We feel locked into old choices we made that no longer feel in alignment.

Sadly, the longer we stay in misalignment, the more misalignment we attract. Ever hear the little ditty “Like attracts like?” Yea, that principle can be our friend or our foe.

So that said, you might have at one point or another experienced a cluster-fuck of karmic consequences. These occurrences are designed to get you to purge the misalignments from your life….

But, most people even AFTER this choose to stay inside their comfort zone, and never open up to the true bliss, magic, and life of deep desire that is on the other side when they take a leap.

That's why I’m here, my gift is helping you release what is no longer serving you, so you can rise from the ashes with a new truer identity AND a plan to move forward in a direction you DO desire (making sure it is karmically aligned.)

And I get what you might be thinking, but Jenn, I don’t even know what I do desire…. I’ve been there, I get it, and guess what? I can STILL get you to clarity.

What would you say if I could promise you a sense of deep satisfaction in your life, heart, mind, body and soul? And then I told you; you CAN get your power back as soon as today?

Are you ready for real soul shaking lasting change?

I help women like you who feel like they have activated a karmic shit storm in their lives create a life they actually DO desire instead of one that feels filled with people pleasing which leads to karmic misalignment through Akashic Record Karmic Clearing + Somatic Cellular Reprogramming.

I help my clients fall in love with their lives again.

Do you want to;

  • Let go of expectation, resentment and pain keeping you from being in love with your life and shift into the realms of limitless potential where you’ll be singing at the top of your lungs, “I’VE GOT THE POWER TO CREATE MY DREAMS”.
  • Get rid of the toxic energy draining your life force, and awaken the limitless energy of your soul to feel vibrant, lit-up, and ready to be the Queen of your own reality.
  • Shake off the burden of others’ expectations of you, and shift into a confident woman who clearly knows what her soul wants to do guilt free and isn’t afraid to tell people no.
  • Ditch the karmic cycles of loss and depression keeping you stuck and disconnected from your identity and finally know exactly who you are, and what you want. 
  • Awaken your Inner Goddess to release the toxic patterns and karmic debt you’ve held on to for too long so you can stop projecting old wounds on to new situations and free yourself from the cycle of karmic shit storms in your life
  • Powerfully claim clarity as you uncover your sacred Akashic records holding the blueprint to your path and purpose which will finally have you saying, “I now know what to do with ease and grace”.

Are you ready to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix?

Picture this;

  • You are massively lit up in love with your life and yourself- you are thriving for the first time in your life 
  • You feel total freedom from the toxic spin cycles of feeling there is something missing and searching for it-- because you found it AND you have it 
  • You’ve released deep seeded emotional blockages from the past that have rooted in your cellular memories, so you finally have clarity instead of feeling stuck, and you feel 10 years and 10lbs lighter. 
  • You finally know what to let go of so you can move on with your life, and you don't feel bad, or guilty, or shameful for choosing yourself, your health, and your future

There are ONLY 3 spots available.

Welcome to Soul Rewilding
Module 1: Energy Clearing & The Empath Story
Module 2: Inner Child Exploration & Empowerment
Module 3: Your Love Story & Conscious Love
Module 4: Chakra Clearing & Awareness
Module 5: Grounding Check-Point
Module 6: Shadow Work & Integration
Module 7: Divine Feminine Soul Codes & Embodiment
(Optional) 1-on-1 Karmic Clearing Intensives with Jenn
(Optional) Your Future & The 21 Day Clearing Process & Accountability


This is a 5 week journey that includes: 

  • Cellular clearing sessions VALUE: $5000
  • Weekly 1 Hour Lessons and cellular liberation meditations VALUE: $3,500
  • Trauma release sessions VALUE: $3,200
  • Group support for 5 weeks VALUE: $2997

You get all this for the pre-enrollment pricing of just $1555 

Optional 3 week journey that includes: 

2-3 hour 1-on-1 intensive Karmic Clearing Workup + Roadmap, we will go through all karmic misalignments from past lives that are preventing you from moving forward, you'll get access to your soul-level blueprint, and soul purpose 

You'll go through a 21 day clearing process to release all karmic debt and baggage so you can step into your power and truth, and have accountability partners in this work to help you create new habits, PLUS get my Habit Booster Hacks Guide to help you cellularly create a whole new life and amplify your powerful choice

This Karmic VIP Intensive normally sells at $777 alone, you'll activate this bonus at 70% off at just $222 when you sign up for the SOUL REWILDING REVAMP 

You'll get Karmic Clearing for just $222 (normally $777)

What my clients are saying:

“Before working with Jenn I was bogged down for years by emotions and energy I had compartmentalized and locked away. I began to feel sick from feeling others negativity and allowing them to deplete my own energy.

During the program I was challenged, forced to look at myself and explore the thoughts, feelings and patterns that were truly making me sick. I learned through Jenn’s sessions to value myself. To stop compartmentalizing and really let go of old patterns. Creating a new thought process to change how I feel and deal on the daily.

My biggest moment working with Jenn was when I finally felt all the past release. It was like a burden or a weight being lifted off of me. Jenn is unique in that she doesn’t just advise you from some book she read, she truly gets you at your core. She understands things you need to work on, even when you don’t realize them yourself. She guided me to let go of old patterns, I didn’t know they were there, until she showed me.

My favorite part of working with Jenn was how easy going she is, like talking to an old friend. She speaks with respect, even when the topics aren’t easy, she relates to you and provides real life scenarios.

If you're looking for that big shift, a huge change, Jenn is your girl. She’s just someone you can count on, to help you get to the heart of the issue and to become whomever you are meant to be. She will help you find the source of the problem and figure out ways to let it go.

I had some energy issues that just wouldn’t seem to release... She figured out what they were and showed me how to break the chain. I changed within myself, and as a mother, a wife, a family member, and a friend.
Jenn, thank you for helping to change my life.”

—Erika E, Florida

“When Jenn says this is like pressing a reset button on your life, she is completely telling the truth. Literally. My entire life I have worked to take a step forward only to be knocked back 3 or 4 steps. It felt like I was always channeling every negative emotion from every person in the world. But, the biggest issue was feeling like I was missing something. Like everyone else knew a secret that I didn't yet.

After working with Jenn, I felt as if I had a brand new soul, a new body, new feelings and new thoughts! I still had my memories of all my experiences, but none of the horrid baggage weighing me down. I am filled with hope, excitement, joy, and am looking forward to the future truly for the first time in my life. I will be forever grateful and indebted to Jenn for this work, and this opportunity. I'd trust her with my life.”

-Loren E., Washington

*Custom payment plans are available*

Program Begins February 8th 2021

Learning Modules

Welcome to Soul Rewilding
Module 1: Energy Clearing & The Empath Story
Module 2: Inner Child Exploration & Empowerment
Module 3: Your Love Story & Conscious Love
Module 4: Chakra Clearing & Awareness
Module 5: Grounding Check-Point
Module 6: Shadow Work & Integration
Module 7: Divine Feminine Soul Codes & Embodiment
(Optional) 1-on-1 Karmic Clearing Intensives with Jenn
(Optional) Your Future & The 21 Day Clearing Process & Accountability

About Jenn

Jenn is the Published Author of Crystals for Mom, High Priestess, Cellular Level Healer, Spiritual School Founder, Master Akashic Record Past Life & Future Practitioner. Jenn combines her modalities to lead women through a cellular level feminine awakening journey clearing deep seeded disconnection, trauma, core and past life wounds to create what they desire with flow and ease, hustle free. Leading to a lit-the-fuck-up life of pleasure, connection, and intimacy. Jenn facilitates the perfect mix of life coaching, relationship expertise, and cellular level love code activation to awaken the divine feminine within you and teach you how to be the love of your life.

Why work with me?

Well sister, I am not your average run of the mill coach...

I am a healer, alchemist, and past life expert. Plus, my unicorn like uber magical superpower is helping you cut through the shit in your life to get you to your core- your truth-- and then unifying this with the cellular imprint of the powerful Divine Female you already have within you waiting to help you manifest a life you are freaking madly in love with….It’s like having a pair of sunglasses that let you see past the outside and look directly at someone's soul to see who they truly are.

When I see that full shiny beautiful soul-level essence of you, I can give you a roadmap to your soul, so you can understand who you are, embrace that, embody it, and ultimately make choices that align with your soul--that's called putting you on a path to destiny my friends!

I also have over 10+ years proven experience in teaching spiritual tools to beginners, helping clients implement mindfulness techniques for conscious living, and facilitating shadow work and traditional life and relationship coaching.

I am the creatrix of over 8 online courses including metaphysical certification courses, 25 E-books, Crystals for Mom a Simon & Schuster books, and have over 2500 hours as a certified yoga teacher, ERYT, and 500Hr RYT.

I’ve spent over 5 years in specialized life coaching using the Akashic Records to clear past life karma, old blockages, and karmic wounds.

But really, most importantly, I’ve been exactly where you are. I’ve worked through my own early childhood traumas around love which ultimately kept me attracting emotionally distant unavailable men who broke my heart over and over by making me feel more alone in relationships than when I was single, and turned it all around by learning how to love myself the light and the dark, and heal my deep wounds around love ending the vicious cycle and becoming my own love of my life!

My promise to you is to facilitate the perfect mix of life coaching, relationship expertise, and cellular level love code activation to awaken the divine feminine within you and teach you how to be the love of your life.

I will connect with your soul-level essence, activate cellular level codes within you that act as a fuel (The Divine Feminine) to power you toward your destiny and soul purpose, and hold space for you to heal what is preventing you from feeling whole, so you can reclaim your deep burning passion -- leading to massive acceptance, self-love, and more connection to a life that you are in love with.