This course will guide you through the process of Material Matrix, and making this image, called "Wake Up Cup". With one exception you will most likely have all the supplies you'll need already in your sewing room (see list below). In addition to the "nuts and bolts" of learning how to do it, I will also discuss: 

  • color and value
  • picking fabrics 
  • how to finish your piece and quilting
  • what makes a good photo for Material Matrix
  • how to grid and prepare your own photo for making a Matrix quilt
  • tips that I've learned along the way, including "Show and Tell" of my Matrix quilts, and student work, too
  • my favorite tools
  • a bonus feature: how to do a matching binding

Student Ellen with her finished "Wake Up Cup", all smiles!

1. Introduction
2. Supplies
3. The Essence of Material Matrix
4. More Complex Piecing
5. Finishing Techniques
BONUS: How to Make a Matched Binding
6. Going Forward....Grids and Photos
7. Resources and Favorite Tools
8. "Show and Tell" of my Matrix quilts
9. Examples of Student Matrix quilts
10. F.A.Q.


  • Sewing machine in good working order, with a 1/4" foot
  • Rotary cutter and mat (a sharp blade is optimum)
  • Quilter's ruler, I recommend 2-1/2" by 6-1/2", or 2-1/2" by 12-1/2"
  • The gridded photo of the cup, supplied in this course
  • A neutral thread (50 weight is perfect, and a medium grey works well)
  • Sewing kit with the usual tools: scissors, seam ripper, etc.
  • Pens, chalk or pencils for marking light AND dark fabrics
  • A surface to arrange squares on, approx. 16" by 20" (cardboard is fine)
  • For finishing, a piece of batting and a back, approx. 20" by 24"
  • Iron and ironing surface
  • "Frame" (a video is provided to show you how to make it. You will need: illustration board, a ruler, pencil and Exacto knife)
  • Best Press (optional)
  • Sticky notes, 3" by 3" are best (ie: Post-Its)
  • Fabric: small amounts, but a good variety of prints, solids, and batiks (whatever is your favorite) in purples, greys, green, and white, and smaller amounts of brown and black. Scraps, fat quarters, fat eighths, it's all good!


A fun collection of student cups                                               

Posing here with ladies from a Matrix "cup" class, proud of their accomplishments!

  • I've been doing your online course and I love it...I'm fairly new to sewing, I've made a few quilts but really wanted to try your process. Thank you for sharing your work!

    — Yvonne, UK
  • I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your Matrix course, the format of video lessons that can be paused and watched multiple times was a wonderful way to take this class. Nothing is better than face to face, but there is also extra value in being able to learn a technique at my own pace. So maybe Covid gave me the best of both worlds in this project. I got to meet you in Zichron Yaakov in January 2020 and begin the project then, and then learn with you through Matrix. Please let me know if you are thinking of opening any other classes, I love the way you teach. You help me broaden my very traditional way of quilting.

    — Miriam, Israel
  • When I joined a Facebook group and saw that you were going to have an online class I just had to sign up for it, I finally got to see how you do this technique, Thank you! This was so much fun!

    — Kristina J, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • I am gaining confidence in sewing curved pieces together.

    — Susan M., US
  • Working on the cup, I became more excited, row by row the cup became "alive" and it didn't take long to finish! I certainly learned a new technique and enjoyed your teaching style.

    — Joy T, Toronto, Canada
  • I have long admired your work and was intrigued about how on earth you did it! Now I know. Thank you for going to all the trouble to make such a well-designed online course. I found it challenging and oh-so-satisfying. Now to find a photo to use for my next creation!"

    — Helen T, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as I continue to run it here on CourseCraft. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice! You'll be able to repeat viewing the videos which will be helpful.

I haven't been quilting very long......can I handle this course?

I have found teaching this technique over 8 years that even beginners can learn and gain knowledge. I have had teenagers fairly new to quilting in my classes, and experienced folks 80 years old. I will say, if you love piecing you will be right at home! There's a lot of piecing involved and I give good instructions. If you don't like piecing, you'd be better off with another technique, such as fusing. No fusing here.

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Since the entire course is available at the time of purchase the course is not refundable.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

On the longarm working on a Matrix quilt.

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