Certificate in Life Coaching Progression Tools & Techniques

Certificate in Life Coaching progression Tools & Techniques

7 Modules: Flexible Learning at an affordable price of £145.00

                    Do you ever ask yourself, what is your identity

Do you want to learn more about your inner self?

What resources do you have within, to make you feel happy and fulfilled?

Where do you see your life heading

Have you reached the 'best' within you?

How can you overcome your barriers, fears and trauma to find your true life purpose?

How can you use the tools and techniques learnt, to help yourself and others?

  If the above questions feel familiar, then this course is for you.

Course Summary

This is a comprehensive course focussing on your reflective journey

The personal diary you always wanted to keep but did not know where to start and how to bring about those changes.

This course focuses on your day to day issues and roles, building you and restoring you to your natural disposition.

A course developed specifically to suit the growing needs of people in the 21st Century.

It is true to say that vigilance upon our own thoughts and actions leads to a more realised individual hence opening the door for implementing changes within and around us.

This reflective journal not only allows you to express but our professional feedback assist's you in your life journey. 

Everything you ever wanted, is now at your door step, why not give yourself the chance to explore the universe within yourself.

It can’t get any better......

Gaining a certificate in Life Coaching Progression Tools & Techniques opens the door for a world of opportunities!

What will you gain through this course?

Course based on self discovery. 

Unlocking the child within you. 

Practical self reflective tasks to gain an insight into inner dimensions. 

Based on finding purpose and meaning to life through questioning and reflecting. 

Enhancing your prospects to a more happier and healthier lifestyle. 

Methods of Coaching and Therapeutic skills learnt, which can be applied to helping others around you.

You will gain practical tools in enhancing your life style. 

How the Online course works?

7 modules 

Completion between 7 to 9 months 

Flexible course to work around your time 

Minimum 2 hours study time a week

Short fun exercises you will be able to relate to in your daily lives 

Upon completion you will receive a certificate of gaining ‘Life coaching progression Tools & Techniques’ 

This will not qualify you to coach professionally but will give you Tools and Techniques on how you can help yourself and the people around you

Topics covered:

  1. What makes you who you are 
  2. True Friends and Inspirations 
  3. Thought Processes and the Mind 
  4. Effective Communication in Relationships 
  5. Motivation and Goals 
  6. Maintaining Positivity in Situations 
  7. The Inner Self ‘Wisdom, Forgiveness and Gratitude’

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Module 1 - Lesson 1: What makes you who you are?
Module 1 - Lesson 2: Structuring the world within our minds
Module 1 - Lesson 3: Self Esteem
Module 1 - Lesson 4: Increasing self-esteem through health and care
Module 2 - Lesson 1: Who are your true friends?
Module 2 - Lesson 2: Whats my position?
Module 2 - Lesson 3: My Characteristics as a friend
Module 2 - Lesson 4: Who inspires you?
Module 3 - lesson 1: Do you take care of your thought proccesses?
Module 3 - Lesson 2: How to discipline our inner dialogue
Module 3 - Lesson 3: Who control’s your mind?
Module 3 - Lesson 4: How do you care for yourself?
Module 4 - Lesson 1: Is your communication affecting your relationships?
Module 5 - Lesson 1 :What are your realistic goals?
Module 5 - Lesson 2: What motivates you?
Module 6 - Lesson 1: How can you maintain positive in situations?
Module 6 - Lesson 2: ABC model scenario and situations
Module 6 - Lesson 3: Unlocking my childhood barriers
Module 7 - Lesson 1: Inner Wisdom
Module 7 - Lesson 2: Inner Forgiveness and Gratitude
Module 7 Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Please ensure you are happy before purchasing as the course is non- refundable.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

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It's the best course ever