Grow & Monetize Your Group

How to Grow & Monetize a Highly Targeted Facebook Group

(Even if your brand new or have a small audience)

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The Fastest Way to Grow your Business to 6- Figures and Beyond is to Build an Engaged Tribe in a Private Group

Sounds amazing right?

And yes it can be

but the problem is........

You have no idea how to even start a group that you can eventually monetize

Your spending countless hours, energy and maybe even money growing a group and seeing no ROI for all your efforts.

You have a group but no engagement, its just crickets when you post and you wonder if its even worth the hassle

You know there is a better way but don’t yet know the best strategy to make it happen.

Hey, I get it and I have some good news for you:

It is possible to build, grow and monetize a group filled with raving fans who are ready and willing to pull out their credit cards when you make your offer.

    And you CAN create BIG REVENUE even from a SMALL AUDIENCE

    I am proof of that. 

    I made $7k from my group in one week with a group of only 347

    And I know you can do it too

    Now you may be asking, 

    How did I do that?

    I stopped doing all the complicated things the big name "gurus" were saying to do that just was not working, severely outdated and left me frustrated, overworked, underpaid and stuck.

    And, I simplified the process.

    I adopted a simple sales strategy to help me build, grow and monetize my group of highly targeted members while spending only 5-6 hours in my group.

    Now Imagine

    • Growing an audience of raving fans instead of spending hours chasing clients in someone else’s group because that is so tiring.
    • Showing up for people who you really want to be around, who LOVE you and are EAGER to buy from you because you have established the know like and trust factor instead of spending hours spinning your wheel and throwing spaghetti at the wall (yuck)
    • Easily being able to rinse and repeat a simple marketing strategy (that works), week after week and month after month instead of feast and famine and anxiety over your bank account.
    • Having a strategy to create consistent revenue in your business… no matter how much or (how long you have struggled in the past). No more hoping and praying that sales will come in because you finally have a simple but powerful system that will deliver your genius to the people who need it.

    This is all possible


    Grow and Monetize your Group

    Learn how to quickly build your group, grow your audience of raving fans, and strategically market to monetize it with one LIVESTREAM.

    Are you ready for cash in your business instead of hearing crickets


    to have a lifestyle that actually includes living instead of spending hours on Facebook?

    Never again question if this business is going to “work” for you.

    I know your business is your calling, your purpose and your avenue for wealth, impact and freedom so lets make that happen for you.

    Grow and Monetize your Group includes:

    • Immediate access to the course portal
    • The modules include growing & monetizing your highly targeted Facebook group marketing strategies 
    • Lifetime access to course!
    • Plus, you have my full attention inside the Facebook group. Help is only a post away


    BONUS 1 

    The Ultimate Group Creation Starter Kit  

    Don’t have a group yet? No problem. Everything you need to set up and build out your group the right way for success including secret hacks.

    BONUS 3

    Engaged LiveStream Sales Secrets

    Simple steps to keep your members engaged, entertained and hooked on every word so they stay till the end of your livestream to hear your offer.

    BONUS 2 

    Engagement Content 

    Engagement content to get your group members interacting with you, each other and create a feeling of community.

    BONUS 4

    Sales Scripts for the Big Transition

     Does asking for the sale totally freak you out? I'll share the exact THREE phrases I use to seamlessly transition from teaching to selling, without being pushy, feeling icky or acting like a used cars salesman.

    BONUS 5

     Beat the Algorithm

    No matter how good your content is or how much your followers love you, it doesn't do much good if they don't see your content. The algorithm is complex and tricky. Let me show you my 3 sneaky hacks that I use to beat the algorithm.

    The Strategy Behind my Highly Converting FB Groups
    BONUS LIVE Training Q&A
    Creating your Group
    BONUS: The Ultimate Group Creation Starter Kit
    Welcome Video Hack
    How to Revive a Dead Facebook Group
    Grow Your Group
    Organic Growth Strategies with $0 Ad spend
    Getting High Quality Leads into your Facebook Group
    Automation to 2x Group Growth
    Tips to Increase Engagement
    BONUS: Engagement Content
    Monetizing your Group- Livestream Strategy
    How to Get People to Your LiveStream
    How to Title your FB Lives to Get People Excited
    BONUS: Sales Script for the Big Transition

    Everything that Comes with Grow & Monetize your Group

    Grow and Monetize Your Group – ($575 VALUE)

    BONUS: The Ultimate Group Creation Starter Kit – ($250 VALUE)

    BONUS: Engagement Content – ($97 VALUE)

    BONUS: Engaged LiveStream Sales Secrets- ($125 VALUE)

    BONUS: Sales Scripts for the Big Transition – ($97 VALUE)

    BONUS: Beat the Algorithm – ($75 VALUE)

       Total Value: $1,219

    TODAY ONLY $37

    Today ONLY $37

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    Launch your group, 

    grow your audience of raving fans 

    and fill your bank account.

    Hi, I am Onyinye Anike and I am a Transformation Coach and Business Strategist. I had previously created 4 groups in my business and was not able to figure out how to monetize them. Showing up felt like a chore, I wasn’t able to connect with my audience. When I posted or went LIVE all I heard was straight crickets and I just could not figure it out. What was I doing wrong? I was beyond frustrated.

    So, I invested in myself, hired a coach & learned from the best in the business on growing and monetizing a group. Paired that with my knowledge on doing so in a totally authentic and organic way and before you know it things started to pay off. I made 7k in a week just from my small Facebook group.

    I love showing up there and interacting with the women in it. And I only spend 6 hours a week doing so because I am a momma to two little ones #mompreneurlife.

    Facebook groups really are where it is at and it can work for you and your business and be the path to 5-6 figure months.

    Yes I Am In

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do I have access to the course?

    Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

    How long will this course take?

    It really depends on the person but you can go through everything in one weekend. The implementation may take a bit more time but if you dedicate an hour a day you could have a decent size group up and running in a few days and monetizing within 2 to 3 weeks.

    I still have a question, how can I contact you?

    I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Join my Facebook group, where you can ask your questions. Help is only one post away.

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