Welcome FAM!

Are you using period tracker apps as birth control? If you are then you need this course because unfortunately, it's not giving what you think it is. It's a digital rhythm method! 

Think of your menstrual cycle like the ocean. The ocean has ebbs, flows and can get intense. Your menstrual cycles behave the same. They may become choppy and light, heavy and long, etc. If this is news to you. Don't worry it's not your fault. Unfortunately, this education is often kept in secrecy or there's lots of gatekeeping. 

This results in many people experiencing severe menstrual cycle irregularities that invasive medical interventions may not always get to the root of the issue. When you start learning how your menstrual cycle works you may begin to experience tremendous benefits like improved physical, mental and spiritual health. 

Many peoples' ancestral lineage carries colonialism, racism, and/or patriarchy and because of that it stripped us away from ancestral knowledge ways. Healing wisdoms for womb health, sex education and healing practices. Historical events like: the Puerto Rican birth control trials, medical racism, Tuskegee experiment, forced sterilization of Enslaved Black and Indigenous women, Black maternal mortality, etc.

Many of our elders were stripped of this knowledge because they had to survive:

  • Religious indoctrination
  • Capitalism
  • War
  • Abusive relationships

History is evidence and has contributed to shaping our sex-negative attitudes. They not only live in the mind but traumas are stored in the body and can affect sexual health decisions. This is how generational trauma gets passed down. 

One of the least discussed topics is how effective holistic birth control methods can initiate womb healing. You've probably googled "fertility awareness method", "natural birth control", "holistic contraception" but you're hesitant. That hesitation comes from centuries of doubtful narratives that tell you it's woo-woo or too difficult. This is modern day reproductive oppression. This is a taboo within the taboo. It's time to live beyond survival. 

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Course Pros

This course will help you reconnect to ancestral science of the menstrual cycle that is 99.6% effective. This course is rooted in reproductive justice for bodily autonomy especially centering folks of marginalized identities. Why? Because no one is teaching us this vital information!

Course Benefits:

  • costs very little
  • is safe to use
  • requires no medication
  • produces no side effects
  • can be stopped easily and immediately if you decide you want to get pregnant
  • Practicing FAM can also help you and your partner learn about fertility. This may help you get pregnant later on, if you so choose. 
  • Identifying signs and symptoms of healthier menstrual cycles
  • Sexual energy management
  • Reframing sex-negative attitudes
  • Identifying when you're fertile/infertile
  • Learning about your ovulatory/anovulatory cycles
  • Establishing consent 
  • Control over your own sexuality

What's included:

This is a 4-week course that begins Saturday, August 14th, 2021. 

Course dates: 

  • Saturday, August 14th
  • Saturday, August 21st
  • Saturday, August 28th
  • Saturday, September 4th

Class will be going live at 9am PST/12pm EST for 1.5 hours via Zoom. Zoom links will be provided once you have secured enrollment. Class session replay will be made available on coursecraft in case you aren’t able to make it. It is highly encouraged you be present for the live class.

This course includes reading list recommendations, worksheets, PDF guides, How-to videos, etc. 

    You will not regret this. In fact, you'll be pissed you didn't learn sooner! 

    Lesson 1: Decolonizing Fertility Awareness
    Lesson 2: Read the Womb
    Session 3: W.A.P. Things
    Lesson 4: Exploring Pleasure

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do I have access to the course?

    Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have lifetime access to the course material. That means you'll have access to course updates.

    What’s the refund policy?

    No refunds and/or exchanges are available due to the nature of this work.

    Who is this course for?

    People with periods, anyone interested in learning and practicing body literacy. A newbie to fertility awareness based methods and non-hormonal birth control options. Anyone that needs a refresher in fertility awareness. Must be 18+ years to enroll.

    This course is not for you if:

    You are not willing to commit time and energy to this skill development. You are a perfectionist and/or gatekeeper. You don't believe in people having the right to exercise their bodily autonomy. Unwilling to check your own attitudes and behaviors. You are not committed to reproductive justice.

    Course Disclaimer

    This course is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for qualified professional medical, legal and mental health services. This course is not a professional training program. This course is intended for self-study and self-practice.

    What if I just gave birth?

    Congratulations you brought a human life into this world and that is magical! The postpartum period is unique. This transformative event impacts your body and life in so many ways. This course will only provide you with additional knowledge about your fertility. It's best to prepare for contraception early so that you are ready when the time comes.

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