Awakening and Ascension

                 Hello and welcome to Awakening and Ascension. 

I created this class because I had a rough go of it when I was awakening. Not everyone will have a rough go of it, but I hope this will help others so they can get through it better than I did. I also kept the price down because of all the 3D stuff going on in our world. 

Please spend extra time on the tools. They will help you for the rest of your life. This course is a collection of information that has helped me tremendously when I try to answer the big questions, like: Who am I?  Where am I from? However, it will not answer the other big question, Why me? lol

 Most of this course is in documents, not video's. With these documents, I suggest you use a highlighter and mark the parts that resinate with you. Then create a docucment of the highlights and staple it to the front of the document. This way, when you need a refresher, you just have to look at your highlights. I find this better than trying to find important parts in a video.

This course is broken into 6 sections. The first 2 sections will activate when purchased. Then 1 section per week will unlock after that.

By signing up today, I will include 2 FREE E-books. "The Mandela Effect" and "Who are we and where did we come from?" 

Both E-books are more than 90 pages. 

Plus 1 more E-book that will be revealed when you start the lessons.


The First Section is the Introduction and the E-books

The Second Section is About Helpful Tools

I put together 7 tools to use while your navigating your way through Awakening and Ascension. Pay extra attention to "The Rose".

This one is my favorite. Find your favorite and let me know in the forum. The link will be at the bottom of each document. 

  Helpful Tools

Grounding Cord - This one is more than you think

The Rose - My personal favorite

Center of the Head - Clear out the voices

Gazing Meditations - Sharpen your focus

Maintain the Layers of the Aura - Clear many layers of the Aura

The Temples - A place to dump your stuff.

The Third Section is Awakening

In Awakening, I have 4 lessons that will help explain what happens during your awakening. Awakenings can happen through trauma, or a major break up or an accident, a loss of income, or sickness.

However, Not everyone takes the hard path in awakening. Some are fortunate enough to not have any of these to start their awakening. It’s spontaneous. It just happens.

Awakening Lessons

So, What is a Spiritual Awakening?

6 Steps of an Awakening

There are 12 Types of Lightworkers

Learn to Listen to Your Inner Voice

The Fourth Section is Ascension

In Ascension, you will find 10 lessons. 

These lessons will show you how to take back control of your life. 

To find out who you really are and why you’re here.

You’ll learn a new way of thinking where you 

have more control of your thoughts. 

You’ll be surprised at how many thoughts are actually not yours.

Ascension Lessons

A List of Common Ascension Symptoms

Activate Ascension Codes

Activate Geometric Patterns

Crystalline Light Body

Hasten the Assimilation of Light

Physical Trauma from Former Lifetimes

Male and Female Essence

The Crystal Shift

Universal Life Energy Exercises

Why are you here?

The Fifth Section is Meditation

If you never meditated before, or you say you can’t meditate, then this first lesson is for you. It’s a little push to get you going. 

I could never meditate. But by following these simple rules, I now meditate at least an hour a day.

There is the Learn to Meditate lesson and 3 other guided meditations to enhance your energy systems.

Meditation Lessons

Learn to Meditate and the Benefits of Meditation

Purify Layers of Thought Meditation

Activate the Spirit Codes

Connect with the Earth Spirit

And the Last Group is a Bonus Group

There are 4 lessons to help put you together just a little bit more. I also wanted to add a little something about hugs. 

When you hug someone, it takes a little broken piece of them puts it back together. These lessons help, but a good hug adds to it.

Bonus Lessons

Retrieve and Integrate Soul Fragments

Assimilate the Feminine Energy

Wear Colors to Connect with Some of the Elements

Connect with the Earth Spirit

                                       Everyone needs a Hug!

Whether you sign up or not, I want to leave you with this hug. When you hug someone, it takes a little broken piece of them and puts it back together. Remember that, the next time you hug someone.

I think we can all agree, this world could use a big hug right about now.

Hugs and Love,


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This is a course that will help you for the rest of your life.

One-Time Payment

$33.33 once

Payment Plan

3 payments of $11.11/month