Feminine Fuel

Your Feminine Body is the Connection to your Soul!

Activating your body, means activating your wisdom. Through embodiment you allow your body to show you what truly matters, what you can let go off and what you want to embody more. 

Embodiment means to feel in your body what you think and let your body speak louder than your words. Embodying your true nature, your power, your sensuality and your wisdom is a way of activating that vibration in your cells, so that you become what your wish to see in the world.


helps you to let go of stagnant energy in the body, heal physical issues faster, activate your immune system, elevate your emotions, call in what you desire, manifest with ease and become centered and grounded, so that the head slows down and you are more present with what is alive in the heart. 

It´s a powerful process of getting to know yourselves more deeply, a pathway to self-realization and a ritual of Shakti the life force energy that moves through you every day - if you let her!  Consciousness speaks through your cells, your movement and your natural physical expression! That´s how your innate wisdom gets acitvated. 

Right now is a pivotal time time to connect to our bodies and our own dance language, to allow us to unfold our true self and our true power. The earth heals when women dance together. 

Dance Language

is an opportunity to find peace, nourishment and balance in yourself. It´s a way to transmute lower vibrational feelings into uplifting emotions and to enjoy every single fiber of your amazing feminine body in all its fullness!

This course is for 5 weeks self-practice, but you can go through it slower or faster, as you wish. It´s a Self-Study course that you can do in your own time, without further coaching from my side. 

Join the 5-Week Embodiment Course with Dance, Shakti Rituals and Meditation to connect to the Earth and your Feminine Power within. 

There is guidance in each video, but you fill in the gaps, to find your own dance language to feel, heal and empower yourself!

Weekly Practice

Week 1: Grounding Practices, Earth Wisdom – Body

Week 2: Flow Practices, Water Wisdom – Sensuality

Week 3: Power Practices, Fire Wisdom – Purpose

Week 4: Self-Love Practices, Air Wisdom – Connection

Week 5: Expression Practices, Space Wisdom – Expansion

What you get in this course:

• 10 embodiment videos à 60minutes each for Self-Study

• 2 videos per element: earth, water, fire, air, space

• 5 embodied rituals, 1 per element

• go through the course it in your own time as often as you want

Here is a playlist for you to get a feel for it