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Sample Calendar for Planning Activities

Join our Homebound Montessori Silver Plan (it's FREE) and you will be able to access here: sample activity plans, our "how-to" videos, extensions and resources to help you plan your child's day. 

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Calendar with Weekly Activities for the Month

The following is our sample calendar from August 2020. 

Families who enroll in our Platinum Plan will work with one of our Montessori teachers to create their own calendar of activities for each month, along with a set of personalized lesson plans for the activities. 

Whether you have been considering teaching your children at home for a while, or you are sheltering in place and suddenly must teach your children at home...we are here to help you and your family create a wonderful Montessori learning environment.

Let us help you. Our team at Homebound Montessori can quickly guide you through the first days, months, and even years, so that your home education experience is happy and successful.

About Homebound Montessori

We are an international group of Montessori educators and specialists from around the globe, who are passionate about teaching young children in a happy environment where the child feels successful and the adult looks on joyfully at this miniature masterpiece of a human being that the child is creating before our very eyes!

With more and more families going back to the home setting for their child's healthy development, we, as experienced educators, are dedicated to assisting and guiding you and your family in creating an engaging Homebound Montessori environment where everyone thrives. 

We have developed several options for you to join our community of home educator families who want a Montessori experience for their children.

Meet our team in our "virtual tour" of our on-line "children's house"

Ms Mana, Ms Sharon and Ms Carolyn created a Zoom "virtual tour" of our on-line "children's house" featuring a sample morning of activities along the theme of "Sunflowers". 

If you haven't already taken our "tour" you can view our sampling of activities by clicking here: THIS WILL TAKE YOU TO OUR WEBSITE AGAIN.


It's free!
Includes the following: 

Access resources right here and at our website.

    We provide families like yours with lots of information about how to create your Montessori home learning environment with an international flavor and emphasis on the Arts.

    You can always access this site at any time, for fresh ideas.

    ​Connect with families all over the world

    Feel free to join the international community of families exchanging ideas on our Community Forum.​ (coming soon!)

    Access more free resources by joining our email subscribers list at my Magical Movement Company site. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE

    Attend our on-line Special Events

    When you sign up with our subscriber's email list, you will also receive notifications about our free Virtual Field Trips and Special Events open to all our Homebound Montessori families.

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    Now you can have that Montessori education for your child that you were dreaming of...without leaving your home!

    Making a wreath to celebrate the changing of the seasons


    $150. USD /month

    As of March 2020, Carolyn Lucento, from Magical Movement Company, is offering her sequential Musically Montessori curriculum through the ZOOM platform. 

    When you enroll in this Gold Plan, you will have a live 30 minute music class with Carolyn each week. 

    This weekly lesson includes a digital PDF download with a Montessori-style shelf activity that you can set up for your child to reinforce the concept of the Lesson.

    You can try it out for free! 


    $300.USD /mo

    This is our premium plan for Montessori home education. 

    When you enroll in our Platinum Plan:

    First, you will meet our Montessori teacher of your choice (via ZOOM), who will listen to your questions and concerns and then together, you will set up your goals for your child's Montessori home education. 

    Your teacher-consultant ("Guide") will work closely with you to set up an appropriate and personalized daily schedule, as well as a long range curriculum plan for your child. Your Guide will recommend adjustments to your environment and will also supply you with a list of suggestions for recommended Montessori materials and how to purchase or DIY these.

    Then, you will develop monthly and weekly lesson plan activities to offer your child using techniques from the Montessori method. This will most likely take the form of a monthly calendar so that your child and family can easily refer to the planned activities of the day.

    Throughout your process, you will have regular meetings with your Guide, who will maintain a progress record of your child's development and help you continue to observe and adjust to your child's particular educational needs.   


    $30. USD/ half hour session

    $50. USD/ one hour session

    Includes a Touchpoint Session tailored exclusively to your family needs

    For a per-session fee with our "A La Carte" sessions, you can arrange a 1:1 "Touchpoint Session" with one of our Montessori Teachers. 

    This session is entirely up to you. You can discuss any topics that are important to you regarding your child's Montessori home education. If you have questions, we will do our best to answer them. If you need advice, we will guide you, based on our experience as Montessori educators.

    You can schedule these "A La Carte" sessions on a regular basis, or periodically as the need arises. 

    TO ENROLL: Arrange a "Discovery 1:1 Consultation"

    Do you want to learn more about how to provide a rich homebound Montessori experience for your family, but you are not sure about enrolling in one of our Plans?

    Contact us and we can schedule a individualized, "live" TOUCHPOINT session with you at your convenience.

    Tell us what you would like to explore, and we will set up an appointment for a live Zoom time with one of our experts.

    Just for you and your family.


    ~EMAIL~ (Attn. Donna)


    Making a graph of animals of Africa

    We invite you to check out our Activity Lessons List below! When you enroll in our free  Silver Plan, you will immediately gain access to our first published lesson: "How to Set Up Your Montessori Activity Shelf."

    Table of Contents

    How To Get Started
    The Daily Schedule
    Let's Start With Making Music!
    Sun is up!
    Taking good care of myself: "I can do it myself!"
    Preparing to eat
    My work time
    Group Meeting
    Slowing it down
    Family time
    Sample Activities from the Calendar Featuring "C"
    Get Your Activity Shelf Ready!
    Create a Space for Your Child to Make Snack All by Him/Herself
    Set Up Your Child's Own Art Supply Area
    Make A Plan For The Week
    The Value of Calendar Activities for the Child

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do I have access to the course?

    Your child will attend our Virtual Preschool (Gold Plan) monthly as long as your family is enrolled. Silver Plan is open for the entire school year.

    What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

    Well, I would be sad. But if you're really unhappy with the course, just email me within 10 days to get a full refund. (This applies to paid plans)

    I still have a question, how can I contact you?

    I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

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