Psychic Self-Care is a form of mindfulness for spiritual people that helps them develop and hone their self-awareness, psychic perception and power of intent. While these skills are beneficial for anyone seeking a better quality of happiness, health and well-being, they’re especially vital for empaths, sensitives, intuitives, psychics and healers. 

With good Psychic Self-Care skills we know when we're off-centre and out of alignment, and we know what to do about it. The 7 Psychic Self-Care skills help us focus our clarity of intent, protect ourselves from low-frequency energy, clear congestion from our energy field, improve our connection with spiritual sources of support, and more. 

This course has been designed to meet the needs of a range of different kinds of people. 

Read on to find out if this course is right for you!

Are you a beginner with an interest in psychic and spiritual development?

"Psychic Self-Care" is a Psychic and Spiritual Development Course for beginners. 

This course will teach you how to expand your awareness safely in ways that are sustainable and nourishing, while also strengthening your power of intent.  

Power of Intent can be used for healing and reality creating.  

Are you a natural sensitive or empath who needs training and guidance?

  • Do you know where you end and others begin? 
  • Do you give too much and get tangled up with others in ways that make you feel unhappy, exhausted and unwell? 
  • Do you over-empathise with the world around you, being too easily affected and infected by the emotions and stories of others? 
  • Are you sensitive to noise, bright lights, perfumes, foods etc?

If so, you’re most likely a sensitive or empath who needs some help with Psychic Self-Care.

This course will help you maintain a stronger, clearer sense of self, with better boundaries and inner peace.  

Are you a light-worker or healer?

This 8 week online self-study course is a wonderful healing balm for healers and light-workers needing help to recover from (or prevent) burnout. 

Many healers and psychics can burn out or become unbalanced if they don’t have good Psychic Self-Care skills. These are the core skills I teach my psychic healing students, for the following reasons:

*Healers and helpers in service to others need good standards of personal self-care to prevent burnout and illness. 

*Healers and psychics need an exceptionally well-developed sense of their own energy and personal space in order to clearly see, understand and support others.

*The 7 Psychic Self-Care Skills form the basis of the healers tool kit when it comes to healing others. These are foundational skills, important for beginners to learn and practitioners to continually refresh. As I often say to my students, these skills can seem so simple, but they take a lifetime to master! 

What this Course Includes:

8 Lessons delivered via email over eight weeks. A new module is delivered every week for eight weeks with lifetime access allowing you to watch the videos and complete the course at your own pace. The lessons include guided meditations and homework exercises to help you integrate the lessons and practices you learn each week.

Access to an archive of nature-based guided healing meditations. These audio meditations will help you practice your Psychic Self-Care skills! Listen anytime during the 6 weeks.

8 Weeks Access to the "Gaian Meditation Community”, my private subscription-only Facebook group for healers and light-workers. This group contains a massive archive of resources, including replays of over 18 months worth of weekly Live Video Broadcasts, extra information about the audio meditations in the archives, and a basic "Introduction to Shamanism" in the Units Tab.

Weekly 1hr Online Healing Circles with me, my spirit guide Gaia and our Gaian Meditation Community, for 8 weeks. These are called "Gaian Lives". Attendance is optional and you can watch a replay in your own time if you can't make it. Broadcasts vary between day and night classes to suit different time zones. You can come on screen with me via Zoom, or join the Gaian Meditation Community who prefer to watch the Live Stream in the group and interact via written posts in the video thread. These sessions enhance your self-care skills and give you an opportunity to practice with a like-minded community under Om’s guidance. 

Q&A sections with me on every lesson. In each lesson, you'll find an active section where you can post questions and get answers from me in regards to the lessons. I monitor the Q&A Section each week, to make sure you are never alone on this journey.

Option to study further with me.
At the end our 8 amazing weeks together, if you are still hungry for more spiritual teachings and knowledge, there are advanced courses which will be available only to those who have studied the Psychic Self-Care Course!

Lesson Overview

As soon as you sign up for the course you will gain access to the 1st week immediately and can get started right away. Here’s what we cover over the 8 weeks:

Week 1 – Introduction 

During the first week, we introduce the basics of psychic perception and intent, the 6 psychic senses, meditation and creative visualisation, some spiritual anatomy and physiology, and the 7 Psychic Self-Care Skills. 

Week 2 – Centering and Sanctuary 

In the second week, we discuss the importance of staying centered. Recognise the signs and symptoms of becoming scattered, and develop skills for refocusing and strengthening your power of intent. Learn how to create an inner sanctuary, your peaceful place within. 

Week 3 - Grounding 

Grounding is the ultimate safety belt for anyone interested in spiritual and intuitive development. Grounding helps us access energy that is strengthening and stabilising while also giving us a means to earth out excess energy charge and stay properly anchored in our body and physical reality. 

Week 4 – Clearing, Cleansing and Letting Go 

Learn how to let go, go with the flow, and release energy. Clearing is a vital self-care skill that helps us with everything from relaxation and faith through to grieving and tie-cutting. Knowing how to release congestion, heaviness and toxic energy from your aura and personal space will help you flow gracefully with the River of Life. 

Week 5 – Boundaries, Protection & Sense of Self 

This week is a bit like a make-over for your spiritual immune system! We discuss the importance of maintaining healthy boundaries, feeling safe, protecting our personal space, and having a strong sense of self. 

Week 6 – Connection with Spirit

An introduction to the art of raising frequency and connecting with sources of support, especially spirit-based support. From here, we learn how to invoke what we need and emanate what we invoke.

Week 7 - Invoking

Learn how to call in what you need, whether this is healing energy, support from spirit, or a specific energy. 

Week 8 - Emanating

Learn how to emanate specific frequency states (moods/vibes, healing energy, charisma etc) for specific purposes, as needed.  

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

The course starts on the 28th of July 2020. This is when the first weekly lesson will be emailed out to you.

Can I enroll at any time?

Unlike my Aura Card Reading Courses, which you can enroll in and start at any time, I'm capping the numbers on this course so I'll be closing enrollments when I reach that cap. In other words, if you are keen, get in quick before enrollments close.

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all over the 6 weeks course or take things slow. It's your choice!

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Well, I would be sad. But if you're really unhappy with the course, just email me within 10 days to get a full refund.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

PS Can I pay with a bank transfer instead?

Yes! You can. Just contact me on and we can discuss this.

Normally $400 (Australian dollars)

Our Introductory price is $200!

You can sign up at any time. The official launch date when the first lesson will be rolled out is the 28th July 2020.

One-Time Payment

$200 once

Payment Plan

6 payments of $40/month



Members of the Gaian Meditation Community receive 50% discount on this course. If you are a member and you want to sign up for this course, but you can't find your discount code, please contact me. If you are interested in becoming a member, you can learn more about this paid subscription service on this page of my website: Gaian Subscription Service. 

About Omanisa

Well known for her colourful and inspiring readings and healings, Om has been spirit-trained in the art of reading and healing the aura, communicating with spirit and therapeutic story-telling. Her passion for writing and creativity has resulted in a range of self-published books and oracle card decks, as well as a unique range of flower, gem, and colour therapy essences.

Omanisa began meditating and practicing psychic self-care when she was about 14 years old, and is largely self- and spirit- taught. This practice was a lifeline for her throughout her teen years, helping her access a place of inner peace, strength and wisdom in the face of recurrent trauma and loss. In her mid-twenties, after ten years of personal practice, Omanisa’s spirit guides began teaching her how to use her psychic skills to help others navigate their own healing journey; she learned how to “go in vision” for others, and how to lead people through guided healing meditations or “visionary healing journeys”.

Many people ask about Omanisa’s name. The name ‘Omanisa’ is an American Indian man’s name, meaning ‘wanderer’ or ‘soul drifter’. When Omanisa was born, it was the only name on the short-list of baby names that really suited her. Omanisa was born in Alice Springs in Central Australia, and now lives in Darwin, Northern Australia, with her husband and two adult children. Om has been working as a healer since 1996, sketching and reading the aura since 1998, and has been in full time private practice since graduating as a naturopath in 2003.