Mini Clinic: Heeling Distractions - Auditor

Once a dog knows how to heel it’s time to teach them how to deal with
distractions. It’s only fair to prepare them fully for the challenges
of the ring! We want dogs that are confident around distractions. We
want them to think that distractions are a game they can win.
Distractions inherently create pressure. It’s important to teach a dog
how to deal with them successfully and without adding even more
pressure. In this course we will teach our dogs to handle barriers, the
judge and the general environment. That will greatly increase the
likelihood of success in the ring and decrease stress both for the dog
and handler.

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Table of Contents

Distraction Foundation
Distraction Challenges

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you sign up you have access to the course for four months.

Will I be able to submit questions?

Yes! Auditors can ask questions in the "Comments" section of the course.

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No. Unfortunately with this platform you will not be able to see homework submissions and feedback for working teams.

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