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With the increase in the prevalence of social media use. Instagram has become the most famous social media programs. People use it on an everyday basis to publish small life events and each detail taking place in their day to day life in the form of photographs or videos on Instagram stories web. There is one disadvantage in making use of Instagram stories, they are gone immediately after 24 hours. In the event the time comes when you want to revisit the memory you posted, you won’t find them.

Download Instagram Stories you Made for the Day
Just one story video could be saved for the Instagram stories you created for the entire day. This means that replaying them for potential use usually takes a while as stories are stored together. You have to see all the clips in the video to look for what you wish. This is still greater than not having a copy. When you have the copy, you can view it virtually anytime and anywhere. The guide on how to do it is discussed below.

To begin saving the entire single day story on Instagram, first, find the "Your Story" icon. Try to find it at the upper left side part of your Instagram feed. On that open story page, you'll then come across 3 little dots, tap it and you will then see a "More" option. Then, select "Save" and then tap the "Save Story" option. Downloading a video may need you a bit more patience since it requires a longer time to be saved. After that, you're done, now you will find that downloaded video in your Camera Roll.

Download Instagram Stories One by One
Going back on what you did above, keep in mind that there are some selections to select in the Save options. This is actually the part where one can start the procedure of downloading clips individually rather than the only one whole video. It’s opposite to the above technique and it’s simple to do. Once you are back again in the Save button, make sure to choose Save Video instead of Save Story. This provides you the option to select a single picture or clip and not the entire posts for the whole day. And again, when you are done you will find your moment in both your gallery and also camera.

Saving Stories Published by Another Instagram User
Saving stories that were uploaded by another Instagram user will require you to make use of third-party websites. There are many such websites available on the net. All of them work in the same manner. Pick the websites that you may find simple to use and you are comfy.

How to make use of a third party site for downloading
After you have a list of preferred third web site, look for its requirements. Then be sure to prepare it, whether it is the username or even direct link and paste it on your browser. You will be asked to choose which of the Instagram Story moments you want to save. After making up your mind which clips to download, choose the Save Link As option and you will be asked the destination to save the video.

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