Classroom SOS: Managing Anxiety in the classroom

Hello and a very warm welcome!

Thank you very much for being here. Your interest in learning how to  manage and support children with Anxiety and enhance your school community is key to engaging with this course. Not only will you learn about Anxiety in the classroom, you will also be asked to consider how this training can benefit your school policies and further enhance emotional well being within your setting. 

 This user-friendly practical course for Primary school professionals will show you how to recognise Anxiety, explain the reasons why Anxiety may be presenting and equips you with strategies to manage it in your classroom. One purchase enables you to share the materials with all staff :either in situ or online, allowing for maximum engagement and total flexibility within your establishment.

This course can be done individually: digitally or using a hard copy, or (we recommend) as part of a group INSET training day. This flexibility offers your school  the choice of where and how you want to complete your training. Individual training will take approximately 2.5 hrs to 3.0 hrs. 

For INSET Training, a separate presentation can be used alongside individual workbooks. This offers you the chance to train larger numbers of staff at one time with group discussion, whilst allowing for individual note-taking. Group training requires a minimum of half a day to allow for  discussion and breaks. We recommend you have a maximum of 8 in a group, and the training is spread out across a whole day, to allow for full  group participation in all the exercises and discussions.  

The individual option offers the choice of working digitally with a combined presentation and workbook in a PDF format, or using a hard copy. This caters for different learning styles and allows the participant to go at their own pace, completing the course remotely or onsite.

Included in the pack is a presenter's letter which offers guidance on how to run the training; As well as a review document with some suggested prompt questions. These questions offer all levels of staff an opportunity to reflect on the implementation of the training and how this could positively impact current school policy. There are also some fantastic, original, printable resources that have been created especially for this course. You can print them off as many times as you like.  

So what will you learn on the course?

Firstly, we provide you with information about what Anxiety is and how our body responds to it. 

We then introduce you to 5 different children that you may recognise from your own professional experience: 

The Aggressive Child

The Hypervigilant Child

The Pleaser Child

The Withdrawn Child

The Fearful Child 

Each child represents a different aspect of Anxiety and the associated behaviours that may be exhibited in your classroom. To help you identify the type of Anxiety a child might experience, we describe these children by focusing on their behaviours and triggers. We then consider the Neuroscience behind these behaviours, what the child may be experiencing physically and why. Finally, we offer you reflective exercises, short term, long term and preventative strategies that you can use to support every child in your classroom.

Our simple strategies aim to not only support the emotional well-being of the Anxious child, but also can impact your class as a whole, improving their focus, attainment and achievement academically.

We hope you enjoy the course and enjoy meeting our 5 children.

N.B. ADOBE Reader is required to use these resources, which can be downloaded for free from this link: ADOBE ACROBAT READER DC DOWNLOAD

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  • "Well done on creating a very attractive & eminently practical classroom resource."

    — Dr Ruth MacConville, Author, Education Consultant & Former Head of SENS, London Borough of Ealing
  • "This is amazing! The way the course describes how anxiety can manifest will really positively challenge stereotypes of children's behaviour and how they are perceived. This training really brings it back to the fact that behaviour is a communication and response. Encouraging staff to think of children they know throughout the training makes it very accessible, and easily translated back into the classroom. The visuals in the pack make the information very clear. There is clear empathy with teachers throughout this supportive training, which makes the short and long term strategies with examples/printouts, as well as the suggestions on what to say, really user-friendly. – I'm so impressed!"

    — Behaviour Manager
  • "...fantastic, one of the clearest and user friendly ways of approaching Attachment and its manifestations to staff."

    — Therapist and Supervisor
  • "...easy to follow and allowed lots of opportunities for reflection."

    — Head of Early Years
  • Key takeaways from the training,” Understanding the huge impact of Anxiety on children and their behaviour and how to support this successfully.”

    — Primary school teacher
  • "6.5 years in a PRU and I've never seen this level of training. "

    — Co-educator and Play Specialist
  • "It was very helpful and makes me feel more prepared for Sept."

    — Primary school teacher
  • "It has provided me with lots of fresh ideas to use in the classroom."

    — Primary school teacher
  • "Very informative."

    — Primary school teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

You have unlimited access to this course. Any subsequent resources published with this training after your purchase will be subject to additional cost.

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Once you have downloaded our material we reserve the right to refuse a refund. Please email us, in exceptional circumstances, we will consider a refund or offer you a credit against another course.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.