After 5 Days to Love you will:

✨ Understand what isn't working in your love life (or lack of) today

✨ Identify and remove the barriers you've had to attracting or pursuing a romantic relationship

✨ Delve deep into WHO your next partner is, their qualities, what your relationship is like... what your sex life and physical intimacy is like, how you want to be touched and held

(you can get very juicy, specific and intimate here... I know I did! #FlusteredAF)

✨ FEEL the feelings and emotions this person will bring up in you, which helps you to stop analyzing and feel certain and confident, and pick this person out of a crowded room

✨ Design the practical steps to becoming the woman (or man) who attracts a partner of this calibre... easily.

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Pave the way to lasting love ➡️

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Tuesday - Day 2

etc etc...

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Cheryl xx

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