On Demand - Weaves 101 with Amber Abbott

Wonderful Weaves! 
Teach your dog to love them!
Working Spot - $100

Auditing Spot - $50 

(use code "AUDITING" for discount) 

We are going to work through teaching our dog how to weave six poles with enthusiasm, together! We can do this! I have been doing this unusual method for over ten years and have taught hundreds of students, four of them going on to win the National 30 Weaves Up and Back at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge. My students have amazing weaves and is usually their dog's favorite obstacle. You need a standard weave pole set, with 6 poles. If you have 2Xs or stick in the ground, those are great too. No other aides or style of poles are needed! In a month's time, your dog should happily be weaving six poles, but I will help you longer, if you need more time. So join me and my Staffy Bull Twig. Together we will learn the weaves and get those amazing performance we have always wanted... independence, enthusiasm and proficiency. 

Working spots can submit videos, ask questions, and receive feedback from Amber. Working spot is $100. This is my recommendation as getting video feedback can be invaluable. 

Auditing spots can view all of the lessons, as well as the working spots homework, but they cannot post specific questions (general ones is fine), videos, or receive feedback. Auditing is $50. (Use code "AUDITING" for discount) 

Above is a video of Amber and Flair at the SW USDAA Regionals - (check out those weave entries! Cool stuff!!)

Here is what others have to say.... 

"Puck & I took Amber's Weaves 101 course and it was totally aussome! We only did an auditing spot but learned so much that we immediately signed up for a working spot for Weaves 102! So many little details helped me to shape Puck into learning to LOVE weaves and in turn made me less frightened and stressed when it came to training them and when we approached the weaves obstacle at classes and in real trials!!!
Amber gives great feedback when reviewing everyone's videos and everyone's questions. Amber's videos of doing the exercises with her own dogs are so very helpful and informative. I suggest this training method to all of my friends that are just starting out or want to revisit weaves with their dogs! I wish I had learned this method 20 years ago when I first learned about dog agility and began training my dog!
Thanks so much Amber for the great training and support to give Puck and I the confidence to handle the weave pole obstacle! Give Amber's class a chance, you won't regret it!!" - Diana Thompson & Puck

Wonderful Weaves! Teach your dog to love them!Working Spot - $100

Auditing Spot - $50

(use code "AUDITING" for discount)