During times of large shifts and noticeable changes, our edges are raw, and without loving attention, things can unravel quickly. When we can come to a brave place of being able to sit with our raw edges and see the beauty in what they’re giving us, our love can turn the edges into something beautiful exactly as is. The practice of slow stitching offers a space to sit with where we’re at and remain aware of the gifts of the present moment.

The bowl you will stitch by hand in this course can provide you with ample time to experience the joy of slow stitching, with the results being something you'll truly hold dear.

Throughout the videos in this course, I'll provide you with many inspiring directions to take your bowl (including an introduction to the striking bowls of Gee's Bend), and I will walk you step by step through the surprisingly simple process.

Time and Length of Lesson Videos


  • Introduction (05:31) 
  • Inspiration from the Women and Quilts of Gee's Bend (02:25)

Project Lessons

  • Fabric (05:03)
  • Design (06:39)
  • Stitching I (26:15)
  • Stitching II (07:39)
  • Stitching III (14:32)
  • Stitching IV (29:33)
  • Finishing (25:28)

BONUS Lesson: Clay Bottom (29:43)


  • Fusible batting - one-sided, 8” (20cm) square
  • Fabric scraps: felt and assorted scraps (I love using denim and other bits from used clothes)
  • Iron (for fusible batting)
  • Printout of template (provided on lesson page)
  • Sharp scissors (detail scissors are best. I love these!)
  • Sashiko thread (or other embroidery floss)
  • Sashiko needles (or other embroidery needles)

  • Needle-nose or flat chain-nose pliers (for coaxing needle through thicker layers)
  • Straight pins or clips
    Scraps of card stock for cutting template

    Table of Contents

    Welcome and Inspiration
    Inspiration from the Women and Quilts of Gee's Bend
    Stitching Part I
    Stitching Part II
    Stitching Part III
    Stitching Part IV
    BONUS - Clay Bottom

    Love meditative making?
    I think you'll love this!

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