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Who can benefit from marketing smarter

You are a business owner who is new to marketing or wants to improve. Or you have just started your first job in marketing. Or you are a seasoned marketer looking to sharpen your knowledge and skills. 

Where should you start?

When people hear the word marketing, they often associate it with adverts, leaflets, brochures, videos, social media, websites, mailing lists and so on. 

That's not wrong. These are all related to marketing but they are tactics or they are tools, channels or platforms to help you deliver your marketing.

However they are not where you should start your marketing. 

Strategy first

You need to put the foundations in place before you do anything else. Otherwise, how will you know what kind of website is right, whether you need leaflets, a brochure or something else and which social media accounts you should be setting up? What about your messaging? If you choose to do SEO or PPC how would you know you had the right key words? 

Before you even think about tactics and tools and so on you need to:

  1. Know where you're heading
  2. Understand your place in your market - nobody operates in a vacuum
  3. Understand which customers count most to your business - i.e. which ones you should target to help you reach your goals more easily
  4. Understand why those customers should buy from you rather than your competitors
  5. Work out the best way of reaching those customers

Once you have those foundations in place THEN you can start thinking about your marketing tactics and the tools you need to use to deploy it. After all you wouldn't build a house before laying the foundations or ice a cake before baking it. So why do that with your marketing?

By landing on this page, you are one step closer to smarter marketing.

What people say about the course

  • Market Smarter has been incredibly useful to Creating Better Futures. As a local charity we attract supporters from a range of backgrounds. This course has helped us to understand each of these groups and market our cause to reach others just like them. I have no background in marketing, so have hugely benefited from how this course simplifies technical terms and concepts.’

    — — Max London, Creating Better Futures
  • Market Smarter has demystified the marketing planning process for me. Tanya’s logical, down to earth explanations of why you need to complete the steps she sets out in the course has made me a marketing planning convert. Not only that, the thought provoking recommendations she gives and tasks she sets have inspired ideas I would never have thought of. I very much look forward to seeing those ideas become reality as I activate my plan and of course, market smarter!

    — Justin Harpham, Brandability
  • I didn't realise it but the marketing I was doing was nothing more than a series of random tactics. Tanya's straightforward explanations as to why you need a strategy and the practical guidance she shares to help you build one has shown me the light!

    — Claire Griffith, Wellness Coach
  • Tanya has a huge amount of experience, ideas and expertise and has packed these into her Market Smarter online course. Presented in an engaging and down to earth style that makes important marketing strategy and planning concepts easy to grasp, it is a valuable tool for any small business owner looking to engage in smarter marketing. It’s fantastic value too!

    — Rosie Mortimer, Fashion Consultant
  • I have been working through the Market Smarter course. Before I started I was feeling quite overwhelmed. Like most small business owners, while I’m brilliant at what I do, marketing isn’t my forte. Right from the first module, I’ve been prompted to ask questions that I hadn’t even realised I should be asking. The idea of creating a marketing strategy scared me to death, but the course is giving me a step by step process to make a plan. The course is definitely giving me a much better perspective on what to think about and how to market my business. I’m no longer afraid about putting something ineffective or irrelevant ‘out there’ and have a much better understanding of the type of activity I should be engaging in.

    — Sara Lambourn, Choose Beautiful

What people say about the author

  • Tanya is amazing at what she does with getting you to achieve your business goals through her strategies and tips. She knows how to get the information out of you for your specific marketing technique.

    — Liz Awujoola, Founder, Paradigm Travels
  • Tanya’s questioning really helped us think about our business in a way we hadn’t previously considered.

    — Paul Andrews, Marketing Director, Cloud1
  • Tanya has excellent knowledge about how marketing works and a very strategic overview

    — Ruth Kudzi, Ruth Kudzi Coaching
  • Tanya provides wise counsel for anyone starting up in business or planning to consolidate and take their business to the next level.

    — Jane Hanford, Psychologist, Coach and Encouragement specialist
  • Tanya is a marketer’s marketer. She has helped me find ‘aha’ moments in my own thinking, planning and strategy. She pulls insights out of me that I didn’t know I had.

    — Gina Balarin, Corporate Storyteller, TedEx and Keynote Speaker, Author, CMO, Founder of Verballistics

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One-Time Payment

£200 once

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6 payments of £37.50/month

Payment Plan

12 payments of £20/month

Table of Contents

STEP 1: Why do you need a marketing strategy?
STEP 2: Get to know your market - A PEST that doesn’t have six legs!
STEP 3: Understand your competitors and the role they play in your business standing out
STEP 4: SWOT Next - get clarity on your position
STEP 5: Know where you are heading - set your goals and objectives
STEP 6: Determining who counts most - identifying your ideal client
STEP 7: Building your ideal client persona
STEP 8: Stand out to your ideal client
STEP 9: Creating your value proposition
STEP 10: Meet AIDA
STEP 11: Testing and measurement
STEP 12 - ACTIVATING - DIY or Outsource

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Pay up front: Once you've enrolled and paid for the course in full you will have access the course for as long as you want.

Pay monthly (6 instalments): Once you've enrolled and paid the first instalment you can access the first two lessons of the course. You will continue to pay monthly for six months and each month we will add a further two lessons until you have all 12. Once you have paid in full you will have access the course for as long as you want.

Pay monthly (12 instalments):Once you've enrolled and paid the first instalment you can access the first lesson of the course. You will continue to pay monthly for 12 months and each month we will add a lesson until you have all 12. Once you have paid in full you will have access the course for as long as you want.

How is the course delivered?

The course is self-access. You access and complete the modules in your own time at your own pace. You can join The Secret To Standing Out on Facebook ( where you can ask questions and source support from other business owners and marketers as well as Tanya. Or there is an option to email questions to Tanya, the course creator.

What kind of content is there?

There is a mixture of written and visual content including a couple of videos. The content is written in the engaging and thought-provoking style that Tanya is known for, and indeed was the reason Tanya was asked to create this course in the first place. Read more here about the story behind Market Smarter:

Are there tasks?

Yes, there is a task at the end of each module, designed to apply what you have learned to your business. As you work through the course the outputs from the tasks will help you form a marketing strategy and plan. You can refer to the course when you come to plan again in six- or twelve-months’ time. It is a gift to yourself that will keep on giving.

Is there a time limit for completing the course?

No, there is not. 2020 has shown us anything, life can and will throw you curveballs. Therefore, you can take as little or as long as you need to complete the course.

I am the kind of person that needs to be kept accountable, otherwise I will not complete the course. What is there to help me stay on track?

Join the Secret To Standing Out ( for weekly stay on track posts where you can post to say you plan to do something in the coming week and Tanya and other members can help keep you accountable. If you do not want share with the group, you can use the posts as a reminder to keep yourself accountable.

Why should I invest in this course?

When marketing your business, or your employer’s business, what have you spent £200 on? What have you spent more than £200 on?

Social media advertising? Stand at a local business event? Networking fees? Print advertising? Sponsorship? Leaflets? Creating a video? Subscription fees for marketing platforms? Promo items?

Have these generated a return? Maybe some of them have. But chances are some of them haven’t.

This course won’t generate a direct return BUT it will get you thinking and approaching your market more smartly.

This could mean:

  • you stop a marketing activity that you have been paying for that hasn’t generated a return because you now realise you shouldn’t be deploying it as a stand-alone activity or even deploying at all.
  • you start marketing to a different audience, tweak your offering or how you communicate it, as result of following Tanya’s guidance and doing the necessary groundwork, which brings in results you weren’t getting before.
  • you have a golden nugget of an idea that is nothing short of game changing, inspired by one of the tasks.

Any of these in turn could save you and / or bring you a return that FAR OUTSTRIPS your £200 investment.

When you look at it like that, why wouldn't you invest?

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Pay up front: Well, we would be sad. But if you're really unhappy with the course, just email Tanya within 48 hours to get a full refund.

Pay monthly: Well, we would be sad. But if you're really unhappy with the course, just email Tanya within 7 days to get a full refund for of the first month’s subscription.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send any questions to

Don't mess up your marketing
Take this course!

One-Time Payment

£200 once

Payment Plan

6 payments of £37.50/month

Payment Plan

12 payments of £20/month