In the period of social distancing, many group-focused events have had to be cancelled and more and more businesses are going online. This is having a massive impact on peoples income and finances.

If you have never done an online training before this can be daunting, understandably.

In early 2020 I offered a live webinar call, giving an introduction to your options for a basic and quick way to transfer trainings, courses or group sessions online.

This program gives you access to that call recording and gives you a basic understanding of your options;  hopefully inspiring and empowering you to give it a damn good go.

Who am I?
I am a poet, 2-times TEDx Speaker and public speaking coach based in Melbourne Australia.
I have been running online programs for 4 years in various formats. I'm not an expert in the online field, but I am willing and ready to share what I do know to support those of us who have been hit hard by the consequences of COVID-19.
With a social media following of over 18,000 people, I hold regular online events and have actively had over 1000 participants over the past 4 years.

Does this cost?

I understand this COVID-19 situation has hit many of us (especially the self-employed) very hard. I have decided to make this a "pay as you want" system. This call really is only set up because I can see people need to support. My genius is in what I teach, Public Speaking, facilitation (online and in-person) and communication. However, I know in my time using the internet for this purpose, I have developed skills which may support others right now.

This means you can choose out of the pricing options I have suggested. I am also someone who has been hit by the impact, so if you can afford to support for the call, I appreciate that.

If you are in a really bad financial place, please don't let that hold you back. There is a free option.

Join us!

Free - If you are in hardship right now this option is for you


Pricing option 1

$5 once

Pricing option 3

$15 once

Pricing option 4

$20 once

Pricing option 5

$35 once