Womb Dreaming

Hi there Womb Explorer!

Did you know, the Womb is the "dreaming organ?!

Im so glad we have found each other as we mutually explore the sacred mystery of the Womb... even if you no longer have a Womb, there is much to be discovered in the space where your Womb once resided.

In traditional cultures, it was a knowing handed down from our ancestors passed, that if the Womb is out of balance... so is the woman

As I too, found myself on this path of Womb exploration, I quickly realised, this information is far too important not to share... and so, this course was born (pun intended)!

I just love that the Womb is the 'dreaming organ'! 

Our dreams and our art speak to us through symbols & images, making art the perfect way to explore the wisdom held within our very own Womb space.

This 9 week Womb exploration uses Intuitive Art Making to access our inner wisdom. 

Ladies who no longer have a physical womb, listen up! You can still participate in this exploration... there is still an energetic space for your Womb & this course will undoubtedly help you to reconnect with your 'Womb space'.

If you no longer have a physical womb, healing from the loss of your womb is paramount to the rest of your health... and to your sense of Self. We refer throughout this course to the 'Womb Space' as this encompasses all of us here and holds the intention for us each, to connect with this divine part of ourselves.

Womb Dreaming - a 9 week journey

This is a 9 week course that begins weekly, then becomes fortnightly, offering a combination of at-home meditation / art making activities, along with Zoom sessions with me, in a small group.

That means that each week there is only a one - two hour time commitment! Your Womb health and feelings of wellbeing are most important so I'm not about to overload you with too many tasks!! 

For the first three weeks, we meet on Zoom weekly, and you will receive an at-home activity each week. Then we meet on Zoom fortnightly for three fortnights and you also receive three more at-home activities. That's 6 Zoom meetings and 6 at-home activities, spread across 9 weeks.

With each at-home activity, I provide you with unique information, Womb mysteries and fun facts about the Womb space, the pelvis and the importance of connecting with this part of your body. This is information you rarely find in books!

In our Zoom session, I offer you the gift of guiding you on how to connect with your Womb space... so you can access your very own wisdom!. There will also be exploration through art so you get to flex your creative muscle (& get more confident)!

As more information comes my way (anything from womb facts, to recorded meditations), I add it to the course content... so that what you end up with is exceptional value for what you have paid. 


January 7th, 2021


February 7th, 2021

Below is the schedule for Zoom meetings (& in-between meetings you will receive at-home activities):

Sunday 7th Feb: Zoom – 10am-12pm; 

Sunday 14th Feb: Zoom – 10am-12pm; 

Sunday 21st Feb: Zoom – 10am-12pm; 

Sunday 7th Mar: Zoom – 10am-12pm; 

Sunday 21st Mar: Zoom – 10am-12pm; 

Sunday 4th Apr: Zoom – 10am-12pm.

Does your womb deserve an investment of only $39 AUD (roughly the cost of a yoga class!) per week?? 

Yes Please! 

I want to connect with my Womb space

*** If you live on the Surf Coast in Victoria, Australia, you have the added bonus of packaging this course with luxurious Womb Massage! Affectionately named by my clients, the "Goddess Massage" there are many benefits to your magical Womb or Womb Space and to your beautiful Self. See here for more info.

Balance the Womb to Balance the Woman ***

Table of Contents

L1: The Dreaming Womb Space
L2: Surrendering to the Cycles
L3: Connected through our Pelvis
L4: The Voice of our Wisdom
L5: The Nourishing Stream
L6: Self Love - Womb Style

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material that I send you fortnightly, that you can then download. Plus when we connect on Zoom, your experience becomes part of the learning that will stay with you forever.

But I don't know you... why would I sign up for this course?

If you are feeling unsure because you don't know me, email me with the title 'I request a 20 min intro call' and I'm happy to jump on a call so we can meet each other first. Email at

What if I already know heaps about Womb wisdom?

If you already know heaps there are two things to consider: a. This is more of an introductory course about the Womb and its deeper symbolic meaning in our lives. There is some info however, I have included that was handed directly to me so it isn't written in any books. b. Does your Womb knowledge or practice encompass art? That is the main difference with this course... everything we learn about and do is attached to an art activity. The art is designed to provide you a pathway inward, to your inner space where your inner wisdom resides.

Do I already have to know about the Womb to do this course?

No! This is an introduction course for those who are curious about their Womb space and how it impacts on our wellbeing. I will say though - there is always something new to learn when we include art making because the art speaks to us from our sub conscious... therefore you will always come away with new insights about yourself that you can apply immediately to improve the quality of your life!

What if I can't do art? I'm not creative at all! Art making scares me... I'd rather run the other way!

This course is not about teaching you 'how to do art'... in fact, I never teach that. Rather, I teach you how to access the sensations inside of you and express them onto paper in the form of shapes, colours, marks, textures and many times - images. But the aim is not to produce a 'beautiful piece of art'... in my courses, everything is welcome, however it presents on the paper!! There is no judgment and no expectation. I also walk my talk with my own practice and often share my very 'gallery UNworthy' artworks for others to see!

What's the difference between the group Zoom call and the personal one?

  • In the group Zoom calls we connect in a group as you would in any 'in-person' women's circle. We meditate together, share, make art and discuss our insights. I hold space for the whole group and what arises collectively (which will resonate with you on a personal level also).
  • In the personal Zoom call we check in directly with how you are, then I will use a combination of embodiment and expressive art therapy methods to guide you into your body and Womb space. I then hold space while you explore this through imagery. We dive into any insights that have arisen. Its all tailored to you specifically.

What if I can't pay up front?

Send me an email and we can work out a payment plan. Email at

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

Don't miss out on connecting to your womb!
It's the best course ever