12-Week Online Course: Weight Loss Vaccine

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🎓 Emotional Eating: Food as a Substitute for Love

Watch this webinar to learn:
- Why diets don’t work,
- How food can substitute for a lack of love in relationships,
- Why people end up in toxic relationships,
- How it relates to weight problems and
- Why people with happy childhood develop overeating problems.

🎓 Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what psychological problem you have

Did you know that we suppress specific emotions with specific foods? For example, people who like chips, often suppress their anger. Salty food can hide self-criticism. In this webinar, I talk about loneliness, lack of love, anxiety, hidden anger, feelings of guilt, and even positive emotions like joy and happiness. The type of food that we eat can tell us a lot about ourselves and about our loved ones. Watch this webinar to unfold the connection between your favorite food and the emotions that you are trying to suppress!

🎓Oral Type of Personality and Overeating

You've probably heard that every problem that we have in life can be traced to the events in our childhood. Weight problems, smoking, alcoholism, verbal abuse, toxic relationships, unrequited love, and an inability to control anger... how are all those things are related? Watch this webinar to learn about the oral stage of psychosexual development that we all went through during the first 18 months of our lives.

🎓Emotional Eating as a Universal Remedy for Better and for Worse 

In order to understand how we are emotionally dependent on food, we will learn about how emotional eating is developed from the moment we are born, through our childhood, teenage years, and into our adulthood. In this webinar, you will discover how food helps us to deal with our fears, low self-esteem, and, at the same time, how food can help us to celebrate our victories in life. 

Weight Loss, Sexuality, and Money 

Sex is what we do. Sexuality is who we are. The ability to give and receive pleasure, to experience orgasm, to be vulnerable, and to trust your partner... Let's dive into this topic and see how it is connected to food.

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Online Course Breakdown

This online course includes 12 weeks of deep internal healing. Every week, you will work on a new topic and receive a new set of exercises. Consider this course as the 12 steps of healing your psychological aspects of overeating. 

This course is not about counting calories, diets or exercises. This course is about understanding yourself on a deep level. You will understand what is causing your body to eat more than it needs and develop healthy ways of managing your appetite. 

As you already know, people use food to deal with their emotions, stress, and anxiety. In this course, we will go into detail about unfolding our unhealthy defense mechanisms and developing new reactions, new habits, and new beliefs. Don't let the food control you. Free yourself from emotional hunger and find the inner peace within. 

12 Weeks of Healing

Week #1: Self-awareness and motivation for success
The first week of the online course is dedicated to developing your self-awareness toward your eating habits. This will be the 1st step for revealing your real reasons for overeating. By the end of the week, you will discover your internal strength and connect to your self-confidence. That will help you to develop the inner motivation to go through this course and reach success at the end of your journey. 

Week #2: Firming your intention, learning a self-regulation technique and connecting to your Higher Self
The second week you will work on confirmation of your intention to achieve your best result. You will work on learning how to ask for and accept support from others. This week you will master a healing self-regulation technique and connect with your Higher Devine Self.

Week #3: Food as a substitute for love
Learn how to separate food from the desire to be loved. A new set of exercises will help you to fulfill your emotional hunger. You will start the healing process for your Inner Child (your childhood trauma) and create your own symbol of love. You will also learn a healthy way of releasing your negative emotions, so you don't have to suppress them with food.

Week #4: Joy and happiness, pain and anxieties 
Did you know that with food we suppress negative emotions and compensate for our lack of positive emotions? This week you will learn 2 more reasons why we eat more than we need. And of course, you will learn new healthy ways to release and manage your emotions. 

Week #5: Feelings of self-worth
We all want to be loved and to belong to a family, to a group of friends and to society. We all want to feel important and valued. This week you will learn how to recognize your own achievements and appreciate yourself. 

Week #6: The need for security
A sense of security is one of the most important things that every person needs regardless of gender, age or nationality. If your parents did not provide you with the sense that you are safe and your life is protected then likely you use food to suppress your internal fears. This is a subconscious process, but you will learn how to overcome it and nurture a sense of security from within. 

Week #7: Movie Therapy
This week will be an important milestone in your healing journey. You will learn how to recognize and acknowledge your victories and how to use movie-therapy to heal yourself.

Week #8: Food as a substitute for sexuality

This week you will face and overcome your fears that are related to your sexuality and overeating. You will free your sexuality from detrimental patterns and connect your Higher Self (Yahoo!). A specific guided meditation will be used to meet your Divine Sexuality and embrace it with honor.

Week #9: How to recognize and manage your anger
You will learn about the benefits of anger and about healthy ways of managing your anger. Anger is one of the fundamental emotions that we have. Embrace it, recognize your main triggers and use its power to create good and not to destroy yourself and your life. 

Week #10: Feelings of guilt and the Inner Critic
Feelings of guilt are some of the most difficult feelings in psychology. This is a combination of external judgment (what others think about me) and internal criticisms. As a result, we feel that we don't deserve good things in life. We suppress these painful feelings with food. This week, you will learn how to release yourself from them and heal. 

Week #11: Healthy methods to manage our emotions
Every situation has more than one solution. But because we are stuck in our limiting beliefs and habits, 99% of the time we react based on our emotions. We pick our reaction not because it is the best reaction, but because we are used to it. Learn how to reprogram your brain and how to find at least 5 new solutions/reactions in any situation in your life.

Week #12: Reconcile your conflicting desires

Once you master how to identify and manage your emotions, you will realize that you have lots of conflicting desires, like:

- I want to be healthy, but I also want to eat pizza 
- I want to be in shape, but I can’t say no to sweets 
- I want to be sexy, but I hate the gym

This week, you will learn how to reconcile these conflicting desires and of course, it will be the time to look back to your healing journal and celebrate your victory of completing this course!

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Basic package

$199 once

Premium package

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People who attended other online courses say

  • I began to understand myself better, and my relationship improved. I am receiving job offers with a salary twice as high as I had before. Of course, all of these things make me incredibly happy because now I can choose the best option for myself. The most important thing is that I have become more confident in myself. I value myself more now and feel the inner strength inside me. I have already taken 3 online courses with Elena and am looking forward to the next one!

    — Katherine M.
  • This REALLY WORKS! I don’t know how, but it does work! I lived without realizing how much energy I was wasting on my internal “war”! Years of depression, poor health, a ruined personal life, and a lack of money… This course has changed my life!

    — Maya M.
  • Thank you for helping me get to know my inner child. It’s priceless. The online course has helped me to survive a terrible and difficult moment in my life. Now I am writing, and tears are running down my face. A lot of inner work was done. Thanks for the private sessions via Skype. If someone has the finances but has doubts about which package to choose, then definitely choose a VIP-package that includes personal one-on-one consultations.

    — Katherine H.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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