Finding Joy In Every Single Day Workbook

Finding joy in each day sounds magical and carefree. You probably think you don’t have time in your busy schedule as it is now, so how are you able to find joy every single day when everyday distractions drive your current reality? There are messages, texts, and emails needing immediate attention and endless to-do lists to complete. 

Am I implying you should invest in a bubble home or abandon life and move to a remote tropical oasis to have time for joy? Don’t bother because that is not the reality from which we live. There are other ways to achieve finding joy in your life without going to extremes.

I am not immune to the hustle of life and the “we needed it yesterday” structures of living. When I was on the hunt for joy, I felt stressed-out with my obligations as a full-time single mother of two children and running a thriving spiritual business as a spiritual guide and medium. 

While both of these commitments brought fulfillment and tremendous pleasure into my life, I didn't feel joyful. I was continuously feeling absent on hours in my day leading me to feel defeated and depleted. As I would retreat for the evening into bed exhausted, I would pray for tomorrow to be the day I slowed down and get my to-do list completed (or started- depending on the amount of there was to do!).

Each day blended into the next with the calendar pages changing but seeing no change within my own world. “Tomorrow will be the day” was a mantra I repeated daily but didn’t support it with intentional action. 

My “ah-ha” moment came about as I was in session with a client. I was conveying a message from their loved one who had crossed over. The message was, “Life is meant to be lived, not saved. Stop procrastinating; your birthright is to live in joy!” 

We believe time is always available giving you the excuse to rush through it and pray for more of it but miss being in the moments you have control over. The time you have is now!

My ears felt like satellite dishes receiving life-changing information from the wisdom realms! I have been privy to divine knowledge for years and hold each message sacred, but none has ever affected me like this one. The message was not only intended for my client but also for me. We can find ourselves constantly negotiating and juggling our responsibilities list, all the while not taking responsibility for the most important tasks- our life, joy, and co-creation with the life that has been gifted to us. My mind and spirit became ignited with curiosity. Joy was a birthright and to claim it must be found within us not within the outside world.


I was curious and nervous to start the journey to joy from the inside of me but determined to release the tireless search of joy. I believed it could only be found in the outside world. I mistook happiness and joy for the same thing. 

Happiness is a feeling, captured in moments through feelings and external factors. 

Joy, on the other hand, is held within our soul; a sense of wholeness and pleasure within us and unshakable by outside circumstances that are not in our control. Joy is an infectious energy that is contagious to all you meet. Finding joy isn't about feeling good all-day and ignoring the bad feelings that arise. It is about creating wholeness within; having a balanced relationship between all emotions; expressing the courage to face our inner critics; and sharing love and acceptance to the hurting parts of ourselves.

I am a member of the Joy Club and we are seeking new applicants! Do you want to join us in this group? These steps can support you as you find your joy every day.

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