SandStory Therapy® Level 1

  • Under Lara's genuinely caring and gentle guidance throughout, this course is providing me with skills to help clients process their stories within the sand. Lara obviously has a huge passion and depth of knowledge for the subject, and I feel very excited to extend my use of this very powerful resource within my practice.

    — Vicky Spink

A warm welcome as you explore whether this training in SandStory Therapy® [Level 1] is a good fit for you whether you are a Therapist or a Counsellor, new to sand or experienced with using sand in your practice.

Do scroll down and read the information and watch the video explaining the course in full. 

Training is accessible in either one of 3 ways:

  1. ONLINE: as an Individual Learner - the full training is available immediately on enrollment and you can simply access the content and work through the modules instantly and at your own pace and time ... OR
  2. ONLINE: as a Group Learner - attend the live, interactive training as part of a group - see dates and times below [note these are offered in UK time, so please check with yours using https://www.thetimezoneconvert...:].
  3. IN-PERSON: at the SandStory Centre, Stanmore [London, UK] over 2 days.


  • Online on Saturday 2, 9, 24 and 30 October 2021 from 2 pm to 5 pm


  • Online on Saturday 8, 15, 22 and 29 January 2022 from 10 am to 1 pm
  • In-person on 12 and 13 March 2022 from 9 am to 5 pm [4 pm on Sunday]
  • Online on Saturdays 4, 11, 18 and 25 June 2022 from 10 am to 1 pm

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at or send me a Facebook message. More information and other related trainings are at

If you are not already, please jump into my Facebook page where I can keep you updated. Join me at

I look forward to meeting you either in-person or virtually in the online world where I will offer a safe and sheltered space to enter and experience the world of SandStory Therapy®!

Warmest regards,


  • Lara has developed a comprehensive and detailed training course for any Therapist wishing to introduce or enhance their practice in the area of sand & symbols and storytelling. I highly recommend this training, the support, resources and content are available 24/7 online, I would recommend in particular the Sandstory Workbook to support your training and practice moving forward.

    — Lesley Godfrey
  • I thought I knew a lot about sandtray since I have had many trainings in this. I was blown away by the use of SandStory and how it integrates well with other sand therapies and modalities. This course has given me a more thorough understanding of using metaphor, symbols, and story telling and listening (presence) in my sand work.

    — Lynn Hollingshead

What is SandStory Therapy®?

This is a form of creative arts therapy that offers a gentle and safe way of working therapeutically with sand and symbols within a contained sandtray so that clients have the opportunity to tell their 'story in the sand'.

It encourages a respectful and sensitive dialogue between the unconscious and the conscious so that the wisdom from within is heard, seen and experienced. 

In turn, this is taken into daily life and natural, very organic shifts occur.

The roots and heart of SandStory Therapy®:

Roots of SandStory Therapy®:

It's roots are in the narrative tradition of storytelling and Sandtray and Sandplay Therapy. This former was developed by Margaret Lowenfeld in the early part of her work in the 1920's.

Having trained in Sandplay Therapy and studied Sandtray Therapy as well as storytelling, Lara has developed SandStory Therapy®, in a way that complements both these and other therapeutic approaches.

The heart of SandStory Therapy®: 

SandStory Therapy® has at its heart the Therapist's ability to remain grounded in their own presence and be fully present each moment to their client. It allows them to attune to their client's needs and pace which enables empowerment and growth for the client.

  • I have always loved delving into the sand; therefore it felt like a natural step to do this course. I wondered how it would be, attending online, given that sand therapies are so sensory, experiential and deep.
    It was clear from the outset that Lara had given the whole process a great amount of thought, love and attention.
    I appreciated that I had access to replay any Chapter after attending an online group session. I saw that I could have whizzed through the Chapters on my own, given the accessibility and format of the material. However, I valued the togetherness of the group holding space with each other. As for the experiential exercises, the manner that my fellow Therapists held the space for me, made me feel as if they were in the room with me, not on a computer screen. Lara's passion, enthusiasm, reverence and love held the space in a very gentle and engaging way. I am hungry for more and looking forward to exploring Sandstory Therapy part 2!!! For anyone who wishes to explore going deeper with sand, this course is for you.

    — Nicola Sneddon

Overview of the online training:

  • This was such a powerful process & even for myself felt some transformative healing. I truly think all practitioners should have something like this in their therapeutic toolbox . This would help support workers , teachers , social workers & anybody working with someone towards mental good health . Beautifully held space, probably the most enjoyable training I’ve done in the last few years. Totally recommended 💛

    — Suzanne Wass

Who is SandStory Therapy® training for?

The training is suitable for Play and Creative Arts Therapists, Drama Therapists, Art Therapists, Music Therapists, Counsellors and Psychotherapists and any Therapist open to offering a creative form of therapy. 

This online training hopes to offer accessibility to all participants, particularly those based outside of England, such as Wales, Scotland, Europe, Asia, the US and Canada, Australia and New Zealand etc.

For those based in England, you have some wonderful choices! Both in-person and online training is available, and whilst in-person is warmly recommended, online access is available for any reason you may have and:

  • If you require online learning due to physical needs, such as wheelchair users
  • If you require online training due to certain learning needs
  • If you feel unable to attend an in-person training due to any circumstances, particularly those surrounding Covid 19, such as risk level to yourself or family members who are either shielding or have underlying medical conditions, or you have health or other issues that make attending in-person difficult.

In-person training events are available in the UK - please see below. 

Level 1 [and level 2] training is available from March 2022 at the SandStory Centre in Stanmore [North West London]. Do email me at to register your interest.

Please note:

  • This training is best suited to those who are qualified Therapists as it presupposes solid clinical skills.
  • For those Therapists for whom working with sand is entirely new, you are very welcome to attend the training as well. 
  • The level one SandStory Therapy Training was superb and I would highly recommend it. I am really looking forward to level two. I learned so much, not just from the zoom sessions and resources received but from you, Lara, as you are an inspiration. You are humble, skillful, passionate, gentle and your teaching was so sincere, genuine and soulful. It was a privilege to be a part of our unique “family of sandologists”. Thank you!

    — Diane O' Donoghue

Accessing the Training:

To clarify, you can choose one of 3 ways of accessing this training:

  1. ONLINE: as an Individual Learner - the full training is available immediately on enrollment and you can simply access the content and work through the modules instantly and at your own pace and time ... OR
  2. ONLINE: as a Group Learner - attend the live, interactive training as part of a group - see dates and times below [note these are offered in UK time, so please check with yours using https://www.thetimezoneconvert...:].
  3. IN-PERSON: at the SandStory Centre, Stanmore [London, UK] over 2 days.


  1. Online on Saturday 2, 9, 16 and 24 October 2021 from 2 pm to 5 pm
  2. Online on 3, 10, 17 and 24 July 2021 from 10 am to 1 pm


  • In-person on 11 and 12 March 2022 from 9 am to 5 pm [4 pm on Sunday]
  • Further dates to come.

Do note that if you are not able to attend a live session on the day that you will be able to access a recorded version of the content for what you missed.

Times are given in UK time zone. Please check with yours using https://www.thetimezoneconvert...:

When you click enrol, you will be asked for payment [installment options are available] and then given full access to the training content. There will be an application form which will ask if you are choosing to enrol as an Individual Learner, a Group Learner or attending In-Person. It will then ask which dates you are hoping to join. I'll then be in touch with all the details you need. please complete and submit this form as soon as you enrol - so I get to 'meet' you!

  • Fantastic to be with like-minded Therapists in such a safe, holding space. I felt able to go deeper than expected in the experiential exercises - I would love to do more of this. I feel excited to offer SandStory Therapy® going forward with my clients.

    — Emily Cleaton
  • Thank you to Lara for an amazing SandStory Therapy® training. You taught me another perspective on how to use my presence as the most powerful part of this work with clients. I have learned to trust myself. Thanks for empowering me.

    — Nicki Malcolm
  • Lara has a wonderful ability to demonstrate presence and therapeutic holding. I felt very safe and contained through-out the training. The nurturing and warm environment really facilitated the training. Lara is so encouraging - I need to bottle Lara!

    — Claire O'Brien
  • I couldn't have asked for a better trainer and course to be on. I have enjoyed every single moment and look forward to learning more and using it in my practice.

    — Christine Bardoe

SandStory Therapy Level® 1 - here I come!

One-Time Payment

£300 once

Payment Plan

2 payments of £150/month

Payment Plan

3 payments of £100/month
  • Lara's training is well thought out, very informative and feels like a very good balance of experiential exercises, discussion and teaching. Lara delivers this all in a warm, welcoming and gentle way that feels very safe and holding.

    — Michele Hunt

Where is training available in-person?

The training will be available from March 2022 at the SandStory Centre in Stanmore, North West London.

There are also 3 awesome Certified SandStory Therapy® Trainers who currently offer Covid-safe, in-person training based in England. These wonderful Trainers are also prepared to travel to you to offer the training if you can find a small group interested in learning with you. Please do contact them directly for more information.

These are:

[1] Claire O'Brien
- in Dorset. See:
[2] Wendy Sawyer
- in Bedfordshire. See:
[3] Emma Moat
- in Cambridge, Suffolk boarder. See:

Who can benefit from SandStory Therapy®?

SandStory Therapy® fits well with children from the age of 8 years onward, teenagers/young adults and adults right through to senior adults. It can be used in multiple ways and for a spectrum of referral issues:

o Individual therapy/counselling
o Group work
o Family work
o Couples work
o Parent work
o Support groups such as bereavement or addiction groups

  • I would just like to thank you for providing an excellent package of training. For someone who’s new to the concept of Sandplay and Sandtray therapy your training was enough for me to understand the theoretical aspects of both models and feel confident in the experiential sessions to go with the flow. I now feel that this can be added to my skills set and toolbox

    — Tricia Edwards

This is my time ... and I'm ready for the next step.

One-Time Payment

£300 once

Payment Plan

2 payments of £150/month

Payment Plan

3 payments of £100/month

So, if you are a Therapist or Counsellor who:

  • tries to meet the needs of your clients where they are at each moment
  • believes in your client's own powerful inner wisdom to bring them to their individual fullness
  • sees the simple beauty and congruence in the dialogue between your client's unconscious with their conscious
  • wants your client's intuition to guide them [not any advice they might seek from you]
  • celebrates the shifts within your client and the translation of growth and change in their daily lives
  • trusts in or are intrigued by the unique power of sand as a powerful therapeutic medium
  • looks to safely hold your client's process and the material that arises through your connectedness to your own presence
  • is looking to expand your skill set
  • is intrigued by creative therapy and wants to learn more about using sand therapeutically ...

Then SandStory Therapy® Training may be a wonderful skill to add to your 'toolkit' of skills whether you offer creative therapy already or mainly talking therapy.

Come join the SandStory world!

One-Time Payment

£300 once

Payment Plan

2 payments of £150/month

Payment Plan

3 payments of £100/month

Core content of SandStory Therapy® [Level 1]

The online course covers the following over 8 modules. In-person, the 2 day training is structured as follows:

Day 1:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Connecting with the sand; energy in the sand
  • The genesis of SandStory Therapy®
  • What is SandStory Therapy®? - a demonstration
  • Experiential practice
  • The differences between Sandplay Therapy, Sandtray Therapy and SandStory Therapy®
  • The 5 elements of SandStory Therapy®
  • Creative exercise
  • Check out

Day 2:

  • Check in
  • The therapist's presence - grounding through mindfulness
  • Experiential practice
  • Story-making and narrative structures in the sand tray
  • Experiential practice
  • The 5 steps of a SandStory Therapy® session
  • Experiential practice
  • The SandStory Therapy® client - bringing this to your work with children, young people and adults; case studies
  • Group experiential exercise
  • Closing and check-out

    Learning is in a [maximum] group of 4 and with times for pair and individual work. It is offered through a mixture of presentations, interactive experiential exercises, reflection and discussion.

    SandStory Starters® - a 40 card box set

    Whilst most clients may want to create a spontaneous tray, the SandStory Therapist may find these SandStory Starter® cards useful for clients who wish to address a specific issue, are feeling stuck in their process or who prefer some structure and guidance in their process. 

    Some Therapists may intuit that to offer a Starter may be a wise way forward and is always open to the client choosing to do so or not.

    SandStory Starters® work as story prompts that begin with "create a tray ..." and then offer a variety of themes and suggestions for the client to consider as they begin their tray.

    There are a choice of 2 decks:

    [1] Mixed deck:

    This box of over 40 beautiful, imaginative visual cards are specifically addressed to 4 main client groups so you can offer these to your client no matter what age they are:

    1. children
    2. young adults
    3. adults 
    4. senior adults

    The box also contains a simple instruction/guidance card and 3 blank cards where you or your client can write their own ... go create and co-create an awesome SandStory Starter®!

    [2] Children only deck:

    This box of over 40 beautiful, imaginative visual cards are specifically addressed to children between the ages of 4 and 11 years old. Ideal for Play Therapists working with young children.

    Each card box set costs £40 and is available for purchase alongside the training. Take a look at the payment page.

    In addition, whilst the Workbook is also included as a free PDF, for those who would like a spiral-bound colour copy printed, packaged and posted to their address, there is an option to purchase this at the payment page. Your address will be asked for once you have enrolled and completed the application form. Any questions, do ask!

    Other complementary training:

    For some, this opens up new possibilities of complementary trainings. The first 2 are Train-the-Trainer programmes:

    • Certified SandStory Therapy® Trainers: qualified SandStory Therapists can train to teach other Therapists SandStory Therapy® Level 1 in-person.
    • Certified SandStory Skills® Trainer: Lara has thoughtfully and carefully adapted some 'soft skills' for non-therapists [including Educational Psychologists, SENCO's, CAMHS workers, Social Workers, Behaviour Support Practitioners and Mental Health nurses etc], for a specially tailored training called SandStory Skills®. This is essentially small world play, 'table-top/floor play work' where symbols are used on tables, on the floor, or in the sand tray for clients to 'tell their story'. It includes the use of other media. As non-therapists the focus is on keeping the Practitioners work at a conscious level and so having a safe, therapeutic effect without entering the remit of therapy.
    • SandStory Supervision®: for Clinical Supervisors this offers an expansive way for supervisees to reflect on their clinical work and their own processes working with their clients, including transference and counter-transference. This is a gentle, safely structured and warmly held approach for supervisees whether they are used to creative media or not.
    • SandStory Circles®: a monthly gathering on Zoom for Sand/SandStory Therapists that is structured with a monthly theme from chakras to fairy tales, the feminine archetypes to alchemy and more! Included is a chance for twice-monthly online personal growth sessions in the sand in safe, gently held women Therapists-only circle gatherings and other juicy things! Starting January 2021 - please email me if you are interested.

    Frequently asked questions:

    What is the cost of the online/in-person training?

    The fee is £300.. This can be paid once or, if you need to, in 2 installments of £150 each over 2 months or even in 3 installments of £100 over 3 months. You can pay via PayPal or using your card.

    How can I make the most of the learning experience - and more enjoyable?

    Great question. Please let me know anything you feel is important to you and is relevant to your learning process [for example, any health issues, personal circumstances, or learning need].. I am here to support your learning. You can add this information to the application form. During the Group sessions using Zoom, make sure you have water to drink and take mini-stretches and stand up when you need to.

    How long each is each online session?

    Each one will be 1.5 hours. I think that's as long as we can manage before our bums go numb and we need to move.

    Is there anything I need to bring for the online sessions?

    Anything you want to make you feel comfy [great cushion, soft clothes, anything to nibble and eat!}. You'll need your sand tray with sand and a symbol set close to you - though do watch the sand falling on your computer! Grab a pen and download the Workbook if that's your thing or purchase the printed copy. Then you're good to go.

    Is this a CPD accredited course?

    Yes indeed - it is accredited with 14 CPD hours by the International SandStory Association.

    What if I have to cancel attending the training?

    Ah, that would be sad but 'life happens'. Here's my cancellation policy [written according to the Consumer Contracts Regulation, 2013] - any questions do email me:

    The full training fee [£300] is due when the booking is made. Paying in instalments is possible.

    Cancellation of a booking by the participant must be received in writing.

    Lara will offer a space for a subsequent training date where a space is available and if this is not possible for the participant who is cancelling and if Lara is unable to find a replacement participant for the cancelled space then the following refund policy applies:

    More than 7 days before the course: 50% of the fee is refunded; less than 7 days before the course: no refund or credit of the fee.

    Should a participant withdraw from a course once the training has commenced there will be no return of the fee.

    Should the training be cancelled by Lara Kasza a full refund will be made if the proposed new dates do not suit the participant.

    What support is offered in the training?

    Well, I'm glad you asked. There are 4 supports [including your Workbook]:

    [1] A closed Facebook group just for the wonderful participants of this training to share resources - where to buy great symbols from! - and to encourage each other.

    [2] You'll be able to choose a 'buddy' from either the group you are in or someone from the Facebook group and after you have completed the training, you can keep in touch and help each other going forward.

    [3] All the training content will be available for life on the online platform called CourseCraft.

    [4] Should you want individual SandStory supervision from me or to experience an actual SandStory session for yourself, I'd be delighted to arrange that for you.

    Is it correct that after the Level 1 training we can use the title Registered SandStory Therapist and that we can use SandStory Therapy with clients after completing Level 1?

    Yes indeed - the title after completing Level 1 training is as a Registered SandStory Therapist and you are able to offer SandStory Therapy to your clients with that Level 1. This is because all participants are fully qualified Therapists or Counsellors so you come with solid clinical skills and you can add this CPD training to start or enhance your skills in offering a sand therapy to your clients. This is not a deeply complex first Level - there is a base of theory, a structure in the stages and some emphasis on presence that keeps your practice safe and perfectly supported by your Supervisor. Hopefully, you'll love it and come to Level 2 where we go more into the depths as a SandStory Therapist so that you offer session with more experience and understanding - but both Level 1 and Level 2 are stand alone and independent of each other.

    I still have a question, how can I contact you?

    I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at or send me a Facebook message.

    Come on in, sandy soul!

    One-Time Payment

    £300 once

    Payment Plan

    2 payments of £150/month

    Payment Plan

    3 payments of £100/month