Power of Positive Thinking


Knowledge is not power, it is potential power!! 

It only becomes power when we do something positive with it. 

Let's read, gain knowledge and do something about it together!


You get to wake up half an hour to an hour to do so…a good habit to have; 

You share what you have learnt from the subscribed chapter or chapters for that day – all before you start work; 

You share one action step you are going to take toward your goals, from what you have learnt from that chapter. 

I, as your coach, (a) share a teaching from that chapter and (b) coach and provide you with advice for your selected action step.

In all of the above, you adopt the good habit of waking up a little earlier in the day, you read only (at least) a chapter or 2 a day depending on the size of the book, you share what you have learnt (because the more you share and repeat a lesson, the more it sticks with you), you act on one thing in your life form that lesson toward your goals and you get a quick coaching tip to spur you on!


Table of Contents

You can jump onto this bookclub as an individual or as a group.

You get to choose your own tribe of people you would like to create a group with.

The more people on your tribe, the more you learn from each other, as everyone shares a lesson learnt each day and a step toward their goals.

You are all provided with coaching support in the group. This means you have a support team – as they grow, you grow!


With daily support, you get to:

Read a chapter or two of the selected book. 

Read a book a month. 

Learn one thing a day. 

Do one thing a day. 

Grow by doing one thing a day toward your goals!

Frequently Asked Questions

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at