8 Days to Heartful Living - During difficult times

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Heartful living is leaning into life, engaging with it, making it become a place of vitality and excitement. 

Imagine going about your normal daily tasks but finding more meaning and value in all that encompasses your day.

My 8 Days to Heartful living Challenge has been created to shake up your thoughts a little, make you see your life through a new lens, help you see the goodness which surrounds you each and every day. 

And the best part is, it is totally FREE ;-)

Simply follow this 2 step process: 

1. Click Enroll Now and register for the Challenge today

2. Each morning of the challenge receive a task to complete throughout your day, you will receive your task in your inbox.   Each challenge will not take longer than 10 mins to complete.

Every day of this challenge will help you move one step closer to Heartful Living, allowing you to:

·       Make space for those in your life you are privileged to know and love

·       Consider ways you can use your creativity

·       Encourage others

·       Tap into your generous heart

·       Learn to cherish happy moments

·       Gain a new perspective

·       Include more childlike fun into your day

·       Revitalise relationships

So click Enroll Now and get instant access to the program for FREE!

Are you in??    

And don't forget to invite friends and family who you know will benefit.

With warmth and sisterly gratitude,

Rachael x

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Table of Contents

Day One - Messages of love & gratitude
Day Two - Create Space for Creativity
Day Three - Think Big!
Day Four - A generous heart
Day Five - Cherish happy moments
Day Six - A new perspective
Day Seven - Childlike Fun
Day Eight - Revitalise Relationships
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